All Articles About Children’s Diseases At A Glance

Your child is sick or in pain and you are looking for the cause? We have compiled our articles on children’s diseases for you as an overview.

All Articles About Infectious Diseases In Children

Viral or bacterial infections are not uncommon in children. Here you can learn more about different infectious diseases in children.

Flu or cold: these are the distinguishing features.

Cough in babies – what to do?.

Cough in children – practical tips for relief.

What you always wanted to know about a chesty cough.

Home remedies for a chesty cough: These tips really help.

Spastic bronchitis: When do I need to see a pediatrician?.

Hip cough: Symptoms, triggers and treatment.

Croup cough: Unpleasant consequence of harmless colds.

Calf compresses for fever: Application and mode of action.

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Perceptual Disorders In Children: What It's All About

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease: symptoms, causes and treatment.

Streptococcus in children: If left untreated, it can become dangerous.

Infectious disease measles: Risk of infection, symptoms and treatment.

What’s behind the RS virus and how dangerous it really is.

Scarlet fever in children: these are the signs of the contagious disease.

Oral thrush – the painful fungus in the mouth area.

All Articles About Inflammations In Children

The little ones are not spared from inflammations either. We have compiled several articles for you about different types of inflammations.

Conjunctivitis in children: Should I go to the doctor immediately?

Tonsillitis in children: These are the signs you should look out for.

Pneumonia: Causes, signs and treatment.

Middle ear infection in children – causes and treatments.

Appendicitis: How do you recognize it and what can you do?

All Articles About Physical Ailments In Children

In addition to infectious diseases and inflammations, your sweetheart can have various other physical complaints. Find out more about them in this overview.

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Head Lice In Children - What Helps With Lice

Spreading pants for babies: What do they do?

Pain in the belly button: These are the causes.

Pulmonary embolism: symptoms, causes and treatment.

Nosebleeds in children.

Effective home remedies for herpes: How to get rid of the annoying blisters.

Nasal herpes: How to protect yourself and your child.

Labial synechiae: What you should know about labial adhesions.

Worm diseases in children – Help my child has worms!.

Your child has worms in the stool? Treatment options for pinworms & Co.

Lyme disease – Recognize, treat and prevent symptoms.

Do you suffer from sun allergy? This is how you can determine it.

Flea bites: Symptoms, causes and treatment.

All Articles About Chronic And Permanent Diseases In Children

Your little darling can also suffer from chronic and permanent diseases and weaknesses. We show you what these can be.

Dyslexia : When reading and writing becomes a torment.

ADHD : An educational challenge that pays off!.

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Motopedics: When Behavioral Problems Need To Be Treated

Diabetes in children.

Asthma in children: One of the most common chronic diseases in childhood.

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