All Articles About Pregnancy Discomfort At A Glance

Expectant mommies are full of anticipation during their pregnancy – if it weren’t for those annoying pregnancy pains. Which pregnancy discomforts you will get during pregnancy and what you can do about it, you will learn here at a glance.

All Articles About Morning Sickness

Pregnancy nausea is a very common problem of expectant moms in the 6th to 20th SSW. Why nausea occurs during pregnancy in the first place and which home remedies work wonders, you can read in our articles:

Hyperemesis gravidarum – When nausea never ends

Pregnancy nausea and quick remedies

Home remedies and tips for vomiting during pregnancy

Vomiting during pregnancy: what to do?

All Articles About Home Remedies For Pregnancy Symptoms

If you want to do without medication during pregnancy for the sake of your baby, you can fall back on tried and tested home remedies. Find out more here:

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What Helps With Pregnancy Discomfort?

Can I influence my blood pressure with garlic?

You can get your circulation going with these tips

Milk for heartburn: Does this home remedy really help?

Acne during pregnancy: tips and remedies

Home remedies for heartburn in the 3rd trimester

Home remedies and tips for vomiting during pregnancy

Itching in pregnancy: Good home remedies

Cold in pregnancy: Good home remedies

Gentle remedies for colds in pregnancy

Hay fever in pregnancy: Good home remedies

All Articles About Tips And Advice Against Pregnancy Symptoms

Prevent folic acid deficiency in pregnancy

How dangerous is iron deficiency in pregnancy?

Flatulence in pregnancy: what to do?

Pregnancy nausea and quick remedies

Complaint-free in the 3rd trimester: tips and tricks

What helps with pregnancy discomfort?

What you can do against varicose veins during pregnancy

Complaint-free through the first trimester: 11 tips

Heartburn during pregnancy: What helps?

Cystitis in pregnancy: What you can do about it

Gastrointestinal infection in pregnancy: What to do now

Prevent stretch marks easily

All Articles About Sleeping With A Baby Bump

Sleeping becomes increasingly difficult as your baby bump grows. We have great tips for sleep problems during pregnancy for you.

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Placenta Accreta - When The Adherence Of The Placenta Is Disturbed

Sleep problems during pregnancy? This is how you can finally get rid of them!

Sleep well with a baby bump

All Articles About Water Retention

Water retention is not only unsightly, it can also hurt. Find out how water retention occurs and what you can do about it here:

Water in the legs during pregnancy: the dangers

Treating water retention during pregnancy

Preventing water retention during pregnancy

All Articles About Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnancy complications can dampen your joy. Which complications can occur during pregnancy and what to do, you can read here:

Diagnosis of posterior placenta: What does it mean for your baby?

Proteinuria: How harmful is too much protein in the urine?

Carpal tunnel syndrome: The painful constriction in the wrist

Placental insufficiency – when the placenta does not work properly

Lumboischialgia: Causes and symptoms of the complaints

Falling birth – when your baby can’t wait

Placental abruption: What are the dangers for mother and child?

Trisomy 13 – genetic disease with serious consequences

Abdominal pain during pregnancy – (no) reason to panic?

A hard belly during pregnancy? This is what is behind it

Hyperthyroidism: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Pregnancy dementia: When you suddenly become forgetful

Anterior placenta – what does it mean for pregnancy?

Symphysis pain – causes and treatment

Bleeding during pregnancy: What you should be aware of

Pregnancy poisoning – how to recognize it and what to do about it

Pregnancy depression – where it comes from, how to recognize and cope with it

Rubella – a threat to the unborn child

Maternal ligaments

High blood pressure in pregnancy: what helps?

Low blood pressure in pregnancy: what helps?

Fear of miscarriage and preventing miscarriage

Green amniotic fluid: infection and the consequences

Gestational diabetes: symptoms & diet plan

CBD during pregnancy

Symphysis – where pelvic pain comes from during pregnancy

Sore throat during pregnancy: all about causes and treatment

Circulatory problems during pregnancy: These causes are responsible for it

Dizziness in pregnancy: When do I need to see a doctor?

Linea Negra: This is behind the skin changes on the pregnancy belly

What to do about shoulder pain in pregnancy?

Stress in pregnancy – the unborn baby also suffers so much from it

Swollen legs during pregnancy

Stand relaxed on both legs – vein problems in pregnancy

The 4 most common pregnancy complaints

Back pain during pregnancy: Unpleasant, but usually harmless

Cramps in pregnancy: What helps?

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy: What to do?

Constipation in pregnancy: What helps?

Back pain in pregnancy: What to do?

Nosebleeds in pregnancy: What to do?

Tiredness in pregnancy: What to do?

Headaches in pregnancy: What to do?

Hot flashes in pregnancy: What to do?

Hair loss in pregnancy: What to do?

Prevent stretch marks: Is it possible?

Flu in pregnancy: What helps?

Herpes in pregnancy: What to do?

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