Home Remedies For Heartburn In The 3rd Trimester

Particularly in the last weeks before giving birth, expectant mothers often experience an unpleasant burning sensation in the esophagus or have to belch sourly: Heartburn. A typical complaint. Every second woman is affected shortly before the delivery date. Fortunately, the problems disappear by themselves after the birth. Until then, a few tricks bring improvement The malaise is triggered by pregnancy hormones: they cause the sphincter muscle, which acts like a valve between the stomach and the esophagus, to slacken. It no longer seals properly against the esophagus – acidic stomach contents can flow back. The growing baby, which takes up more and more space in the stomach, presses additionally against the stomach from below. The female organism also produces more stomach acid during pregnancy. This increases the problems. Every expectant mother has a different trick to help with heartburn. It is best to gradually try out which home remedies work for you, then you can also combine them.

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Diet Plays A Role

It is better to avoid anything that stimulates stomach acid production. This includes spicy or very fatty foods. Even a sumptuous meal requires top performance from the digestive system. It is better to eat several small portions throughout the day. They can be better utilized in the stomach and passed on more quickly to the small intestine. To compensate for the acidic environment, alkaline foods such as yogurt, milk, potatoes or carrots are good and digestible. Also recommended: a diet rich in magnesium, as the mineral binds excess acid. Magnesium is found in green vegetables such as spinach or broccoli, in bananas or dried apricots, and in whole grain products. You can get a good start to the day by slowly chewing almonds or hazelnuts into a paste before getting up in bed and washing it down with a sip of milk. This neutralizes the acidic gastric juice. The basic rule when eating is: Take your time – the more thoroughly you chew, the better you can digest the food. Also make sure you have regular bowel movements, because a full intestine puts pressure on the stomach and increases heartburn. A high-fiber diet with swelling agents such as ground flaxseed or wheat bran stimulates the intestines.

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Drinks Can Quench

Liquid dilutes the biting stomach acid. Therefore, drink plenty. Sips of fennel or corn tea or potato juice will ease the discomfort. Stir a teaspoon of healing clay into a glass of water and take it in the morning and evening. Herbal teas or still mineral water also help. However, acidic drinks such as orange, pineapple and tomato juice, as well as soft drinks and carbonated water, are unsuitable. You should also avoid black tea or coffee – they contain substances that irritate the stomach.

Properly Bedded

Heartburn is particularly common when lying down. The flat position of the body ensures that the food remains in the stomach for a long time. Therefore: Do not eat while lying down and do not lie down immediately after eating. To make it more difficult for stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus, you should elevate your upper body. To do this, raise the headboard of your slatted frame or place an extra pillow underneath. Because digestion is slower in the evening than during the day, it is better not to eat anything for two hours before going to bed. Acupuncture, which comes from traditional Chinese medicine, helps many pregnant women with heartburn. Midwives or doctors with special training can perform the treatment with the needles. If you would like to treat the symptoms with a homeopathic remedy, consult a homeopath. He will take into account both your symptoms and your personality when choosing the globules or drops. Because every woman reacts individually, so the remedy of your best friend may not work for you. Often midwives are also trained in homeopathy – ask. Another tip: Often too tight clothes constrict the stomach – wear rather wide and comfortable clothes. If none of our home remedies work for you, ask your doctor or pharmacist about acid-binding medications that do not affect your unborn child.

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