Water In The Legs During Pregnancy: The Dangers

During pregnancy, water is increasingly stored. The legs are particularly affected by edema. This is most noticeable at the end of the day or in very warm weather. Women who sit and stand a lot usually also suffer from water in the legs. This can cause swelling of the lower legs, ankles, and even the feet.

As soon as the woman takes off her shoes, she can no longer get into them due to the water retention in her feet. Edema can also occur in the forearms, hands, and even the face. In most cases, the causes of water in the legs are natural and there is rarely a reason for real concern.

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Reasons For Water In The Legs

Most often, the hormones that are released during pregnancy are responsible for causing water retention. Due to the hormones, the blood vessels become dilated and are thus looser than before. However, due to pregnancy, the blood volume is built up. This must be pumped through the body. Above all, the body finds it very difficult to pump the blood from the lower regions of the body back to the heart. This increases the risk of blood pooling in the tissues. This causes additional fluid to be deposited in the connective tissue. In addition to edema in the legs, varicose veins or spider veins may also develop.

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Is Water In The Legs Dangerous?

Water retention is especially very noticeable in the last trimester of pregnancy. As a rule, the edema is unpleasant but rarely dangerous. Simple tips, such as avoiding prolonged standing and sitting and elevating the legs at every opportunity, as well as drinking plenty of fluids, can help alleviate the problem. After delivery, the accumulated fluid is secreted again. However, pregnant women should watch out for other signs that may occur with the water retention.

This can lead to complications that are harmful not only to the mother but also to the baby. Other signs such as high blood pressure, urine with high protein content, headaches, dizzy spells, flickering eyes, and ringing in the ears may indicate that gestosis, pregnancy poisoning, or pre-eclampsia is present. The signs rarely occur at the same time.

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If you have the feeling that your water retention is not natural, you should always contact your gynecologist or midwife directly so that a serious danger can be ruled out. In order to detect complications at an early stage, it is also important to take advantage of preventive examinations. In the course of these examinations, certain values of the mother are already measured and attention is paid to abnormalities.

What Helps Against Water In The Legs During Pregnancy?

If the water in the legs occurs, many women resort to drainage cures, low-salt diets, and also medication. Pregnant women in particular should avoid these methods. A healthy and nutrient-rich diet, combined with plenty of drinking, is important for a healthy pregnancy. Cures harm not only the mother but also the baby because it is deprived of important nutrients. Medications even on a herbal basis can have a negative effect on the development of the baby.

Self-diagnosis is taboo during pregnancy and any medication should always be discussed with the gynecologist or midwife. In the case of water in the legs, many simple and natural methods help to alleviate edema or even prevent it altogether. For severe water retention, homeopathy and acupuncture can also help. Talk to your gynecologist or midwife!

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