Cramps In Pregnancy: What Helps?

Cramps are already not very pleasant outside of pregnancy and can even occur very often during pregnancy. Especially women who are already in the second trimester of pregnancy can suffer from increased cramps, mostly in the calves. Often the painful cramps occur in the middle of the night. The causes of the cramps are mostly harmless and occur due to deficiency of certain nutrients, as it increases due to pregnancy. Another point that leads to cramps during pregnancy is overexertion. Circulatory problems, an uncomfortable sleeping position as well as a pinched nerve can also be reasons for cramps during pregnancy. You can prevent cramps in pregnancy with exercise and a balanced diet.

What To Do About Cramps During Pregnancy?

Very often, cramps occur mainly at night. As a rule, it helps to wait up first and if the cramps occur in the lower part of the body to put the legs up. Stretching exercises can also help to relieve the cramps, especially in the calves. This can be done by stretching your leg while lying down and pulling your toes up toward you. If the cramps are very severe, you should get up and move around. Walk around the room and put only gentle weight on the affected leg. The stretching effect will thus set in by itself and help the cramp to ease. Gently knead the affected area to relieve the pain. An alternating shower can also help to promote blood circulation and thus have a preventive or pain-relieving effect on a cramp.

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Home Remedies For Cramps During Pregnancy

Common reason for cramps in and also outside of pregnancy is a lack of magnesium. Even if you now think, then I’ll get preparations to compensate for this deficiency, studies have shown that these rarely reduce cramps. A balanced diet will ensure that you get enough magnesium. Whole grain products, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, especially almonds and mineral water are rich in magnesium and prevent cramps during pregnancy. If there is a deficiency of calcium, this can also contribute to painful cramps during pregnancy. Dairy products, fish, nuts, cabbage, dried dates, raisins or figs as well as whole grain products are ideal suppliers of calcium and can provide your nutritional balance with sufficient amounts. Caution Quinine is often used to relieve cramps. In pregnancy, quinine must not be used under any circumstances, as it can trigger premature labor. If you experience cramps in the abdominal region, this can have various causes. Mostly, this is due to the fact that the maternal ligaments are stretching and thus preparing and strengthening themselves for the upcoming birth in order to bear the additional weight of the uterus. This can result in regular-like cramps. Even contractions or exercise contractions can trigger cramps, which are usually harmless and can already be alleviated with warming compresses as well as rest. If you have cramps, you should sit down and breathe away using breathing techniques you learn in childbirth classes. This can help you tolerate the pain better. However, if cramps persist with bleeding or other symptoms, you should contact your doctor or midwife as a precaution.

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