Pregnancy Nausea And Quick Remedy

A large proportion of pregnant women lose the fun in the first weeks of pregnancy because they are constantly sick to their stomach, especially in the morning. Here are practical tips that work quickly – what can help, why are pregnant women especially in the first three months in joyful expectation constantly sick, what is normal?

Why Does Morning Sickness Occur?

It has been proven that morning sickness in pregnant women is mainly caused by the change in hormonal balance. Women who are particularly affected by nausea during pregnancy have been shown to have a particularly high level of the pregnancy hormone HCG in their blood. This hormone is produced to a greater extent in the first weeks of pregnancy and reaches peak release between the 8th and 10th week of pregnancy, which also explains why most women experience an improvement in nausea after the 12th week of pregnancy, because by then the HCG level has leveled off.

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Nausea Protects The Unborn Child – Nature Thinks For Itself

Expectant mothers can take comfort in what has now been proven by studies – pregnancy nausea is an intelligent trick of nature to protect the unborn child from harmful external influences. Pregnant women usually feel sick from substances such as nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or foods such as raw meat, fish, smoked products or eggs, which may contain bacteria – all substances from which the body cannot protect the unborn child by the immune system. Thus it is quasi a protection that pregnant women often become already correctly nauseous if they smell coffee or cigarette smoke only. Many women reject the mentioned food like meat & Co particularly in the first pregnancy weeks completely. An impulse which mothers should confidently follow for a balanced diet and best health during pregnancy.

Practical Tips Against Morning Sickness In Pregnancy

Especially in the morning, many pregnant women are particularly affected by nausea – this is because at this time, in addition to hormones, the blood sugar level is particularly low and the circulation is not yet up to speed.

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So it is called even before getting up the blood sugar level to rise slowly:

  • Nibble already in bed before getting up zwieback, salted pretzels or dried fruits such as mangos, pineapple or also trail mix is very suitable here. Lightly sweetened teas such as lemon balm, chamomile or peppermint also help or all those who can not yet take solid food. A small miracle can work in the morning the ginger known from Asian cuisine – a ginger tea or a few pieces of candied ginger and the circulation comes from tours.
  • Avoid fatty and heavy foods throughout pregnancy – but this is especially important in the first few weeks when morning sickness is most pronounced.
  • Eating small portions several times a day and always having a small healthy snack on hand can work wonders. Make sure your blood sugar levels never drop too low. The best way to do this is to have fruit such as apples or bananas with you regularly as a small snack.
  • Keep your body hydrated during pregnancy – test for yourself what works best for you: some women swear by ice-cold drinks like milk, spiked fruit juices, cold teas. Other women swear by teas during the nine months of joyful anticipation.
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