Low Blood Pressure In Pregnancy: What Helps?

As a rule, low blood pressure, below 110/60 mmHg in women, is no cause for concern. But in pregnancy, low blood pressure can be dangerous. Due to low blood pressure during pregnancy, the expectant mother may collapse. It can also happen due to the insufficient blood flow to the uterus that the unborn baby does not get enough oxygen and nutrients and its development is disturbed as a result.

Low blood pressure is manifested mainly by the fact that the pregnant woman has a flicker before the eyes or she also feels dizzy more often. At the same time, the feet and hands can be cold very often, one feels tired, is pale, and has to yawn very often. If the body does not get enough oxygen, it reacts by the heart trying to take countermeasures to beat faster. However, a fast heartbeat can indicate anemia.

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What To Do For Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

If a woman already had low blood pressure

before pregnancy, it can drop even further due to the increased pregnancy hormones. If you not only feel dizzy from time to time, but your eyes go black when you stand up and you even lose consciousness, you should see your doctor immediately.

If you fall, you may not only injure yourself but also your baby. Low blood pressure is not treated with medication during pregnancy. This is because taking the drugs that aim to narrow the blood vessels, it would cause the blood vessels that supply the baby to become narrower as well. However, your doctor can advise you to use herbal remedies.

Camphor and hawthorn, for example, have been shown to work well. But before you self-diagnose now, it is important that you first talk to your doctor about taking them. Even herbal remedies can be harmful if the dose is too high.

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Home Remedies For Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Often low blood pressure occurs around the 33rd week of gestation. To stabilize low blood pressure during pregnancy, it is important that you drink plenty of fluids. If you suffer from circulatory problems, in most cases this can be attributed to a lack of fluids. A glass of orange juice diluted with water helps to absorb iron better and thus prevents anemia. Go ahead and use a broth instead of tea. The salty broth will make you feel more thirsty and drink more afterwards. A salty pretzel for breakfast has the same effect.

Make sure you keep moving during pregnancy, too

. Regular exercise not only keeps you fit, but also gets your circulation going. In addition, even a brisk walk will alleviate some of the discomfort that can occur during pregnancy. Pregnant women who do a lot of sitting should occasionally pull their toes toward them. Using the muscle pump improves circulation in the legs and prevents blood from pooling. Also, feel free to put your legs up every now and then and support your circulation.

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Do a dry brush massage every day. Always make sure to work towards the heart. This will promote your blood circulation and strengthen your circulation. Afterward, a short cold shower in which you always move the water jet towards the heart will additionally strengthen the effect.

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