Children With Joint Pain: How Does Rheumatism Manifest Itself In Children?

Some children wake up at night complaining of aching joints. This pain should be taken seriously. Others, especially young children, do not report pain but simply adopt a relieving, protective posture

This may be simple growing pains. These are relatively harmless and disappear again. According to, if the ailments persist for a longer period of time, the doctor should be informed at the latest during the preventive check-ups so that serious diseases of the skeletal system can be prevented. It can concern namely rheumatism, which must be treated in any case medically.

Signs Of Rheumatism In Children

As a rule, one does not expect the diagnosis “rheumatism” in children. This is a disease, which is rather reserved for older people. These symptoms of degenerative disease patterns caused by wear and tear take time to develop and are sometimes the result of decades of lifestyle habits.

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In the case of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, the situation is different. Here, a misdirected immune system attacks the body’s own tissue. Early detection is important, because the adolescent skeleton, with its still soft bones, can quickly develop permanent deformities

Parents should therefore always keep an eye on their offspring’s behavior in order to recognize the first signs. Only then can targeted action be taken against the disease. Anyone who notices the following behavior patterns in their offspring should get to the bottom of the matter.


If joints of the legs or feet have already been affected, a relieving or relieving limp is often noticeable.

Long Morning Limp

If joints are stiff in the morning, the child will take longer to comb, brush teeth and dress.

Gentle Posture

If the child maintains unusual postures even when at rest, he or she may be looking for a pain-free position.

Grasping And Supporting Movements

For example, if the child supports himself or herself with a fist instead of the open palm of the hand.

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Z. E.g. if the child can already walk, but wants to be carried all the time when shopping or during a walk.

Soft Food

If foods that require vigorous chewing are spurned, there may be inflammation in the jaw area.

Forms Of Pediatric Rheumatism

Pediatric rheumatism is not comparable to the manifestation of the disease in adulthood. Diagnosis, course, and therapeutic approaches sometimes differ significantly. Three types are classified:

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis(JIA)

JIA is the most common form of childhood rheumatism. In this case, several joints can become inflamed in a short period of time. In addition, other organ systems may be affected. Thus, in some cases, a characteristic skin rash appears. Similarly, pleurisy and/or pericarditis have been reported

Other possible symptoms include enlargement of the spleen, liver and lymph nodes. Daily fever episodes are typical in the initial phase. Some manifestations show psoriasis and inflammation of the tendon insertions. Additional inflammation of the eyes may also indicate a rheumatic disease.

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Connective Tissue Diseases(Collagenoses)

Although this form tends to be reserved for adults, the serious systemic diseases also occur in children. The inflamed cells of the misdirected immune system attack mainly tissues outside the joints. Depending on the clinical picture, they affect the skin, internal organs, oral cavity, eyes and muscles.

Vascular Inflammations (Vasculitides)

Vasculitides are a particularly severe form of rheumatism in children. Here, the misdirected immune system attacks the walls of the blood vessels. These become inflamed and swollen. When they become cracked, inflammatory cells leak out and cause further damage.

Is Rheumatism In Children Curable?

This question cannot be answered with a clear yes or no. Usually, the doctor does not prescribe a drug that cures the disease right away. Each diagnosis depends on the individual case and, as things stand today, relief happens through a treatment concept in a package of measures

This is always tailored to the affected child and includes not only medication but also physical and occupational therapy and psychosocial support. In some cases, surgery can help.

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Childhood rheumatism can almost always be alleviated during its course. In more than 50%, the disease is brought to a halt in adulthood. If therapeutic treatment is started in good time, most cases are later able to pursue their occupation almost without restriction, although a tendency to joint inflammation remains

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