How To Properly Protect Your Child From The Sun

Actually, we know that small children should not be exposed too much to the sun. But what is the ideal sun protection? And which sunscreen is the right one?

Children’s Skin Is Very Sensitive

The skin of infants and young children is particularly sensitive, especially when it comes to sunlight. Their skin is still too thin to build up its own protection against UV radiation. This must first develop. At the same time, however, children need a lot of freedom of movement. If you follow a few rules, you can prevent long-term sun damage.

Shade Is The Order Of The Day In The First Year Of Life

In the first twelve months of life, you should not expose your child directly to the sun. Only from the second year of life, your child may occasionally in the sun.
Avoid the blazing midday sun and make sure that your child always has a shady spot. If possible, you should not use sunscreen in the first year of life – it unnecessarily stresses the sensitive baby skin.

The Right Sun Protection

Whether in the stroller, on the playground, in the pool, or on the beach – your baby should always be protected from the sun. But now that trees are not everywhere, you sometimes have to come up with something.

  • A large umbrella, or a sun sail are ideal shade providers.
  • Through the appropriate clothing, your baby can also be protected from the sun. For summer, there are cute baby clothes with long sleeves and legs.
  • You can protect the head and neck with a cap with a large peak.
  • UV clothing for babies: There are also clothes with a UV protection filter, this should be at least 30.
  • Eye protection: a cap is enough for your baby, from nine months you can try sunglasses with UV protection.
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Apply Sunscreen Regularly

Sunscreen should have a sun protection factor of 30 and be fragrance-free. Apply it thickly, evenly and repeatedly to your child’s exposed skin. Don’t forget the ears when doing this! You should reapply after bathing.
Even babies can get sunburned.

The Right Sunscreen

The sunscreen should be waterproof because when bathing, or sweating, the sun protection decreases. Choose a cream, because it cares for the skin better than a gel. It is best to choose a special product for children. In the mountains, by the water, as well as in southern countries, you should choose a higher sunblock.

Apply Sunscreen Correctly

  • Use enough sunscreen: If you apply too little, the sun protection factor will not be reached.
  • Renew sunscreen every two hours: Even waterproof creams, lose some of their protective effect when you bathe and sweat.
  • Reapplying sunscreen does not increase the maximum protection time!

Be A Good Example

Children like to emulate adults in their behavior. Your child will find it easier to protect themselves from the risks of the sun if you do the same.

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