How To Come Up With A Blog Post Idea Every Day

When you get your blog up and running, it can be a challenge to come up with a blog post idea every single day. In a way, you need to be consistent with posting on your blog, which means you need several blog post ideas. Owning a blog really stretches your creativity and makes you really think.

How To Come Up With A Blog Post Idea Every Day

How To Come Up With A Blog Post Idea Every Day

Make sure your title stands out

If you want people to read and respond to your blog posts, then you need to be smart about what you’re putting out there. Not to mention, a title is what actually gets people to read that blog post you’re promoting. Be very wise about the blog post title because it can be the ultimate success of your blog.

Here are some resources to help you craft the best blog title:

Catchy Blog Title Formulas from CoSchedule

A Quick and Easy Formula for Writing Clickable Blog Titles from Kim Garst

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100+ Blog Post Title Templates from TwelveSkip

It can be super easy to run out of blog post ideas very quickly, which is why you need as many ideas as you can possibly muster up. Check out these tips for coming up with a blog post idea every day.

A Blog Post Idea Every Day

Start a content calendar: A really cool idea to help you come with a blog post idea every day is to create a content calendar. This is just a digital (or physical) calendar that you keep handy. You can have specific themes or just jot down ideas, this will help you come up with blog post ideas much faster.

Keep a folder for your ideas: You can start a Word document every time you have a great idea. Save this folder to DropBox or to your desktop and use the ideas whenever you want. A lot of bloggers also save their ideas to drafts in WordPress. The idea is to get to your idea quickly!

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Get inspired by others: The Internet isn’t a place where any idea is new. You shouldn’t “steal” other people’s ideas, but you can be inspired by others. You can even collaborate with other bloggers to come up with blog post ideas.

Know what your readers want: It’s much easier to come up with blog ideas every day whenever you know what your readers want. If you’re not in the dark about what your readers love, this will be a lot easier of a process for you.

Do a Google or Pinterest search: If you have an idea of what you want to write, but need help with a title, see what the Internet offers. You may get a few great leads by searching for the keyword you want to use.

Use a topic generator: A really cool part of the Internet, is some really cool tools pop up from time to time. A neat tool that is floating around is called a topic generator. There are several versions, but this one is really cool.

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Know your most popular posts: If you have a way of looking at the most popular posts on your blog, then you’ll easily be able to come up with new titles. Your readers love those titles, so they are bound to love the other titles you come up with that are similar.

Know what is trending: A really easy way to come up with blog post ideas every day is to know what’s trending. Don’t just pretend you know what’s popular, actually take a look. Facebook and Twitter keep you up to date with what’s trending every single day, it’s truly that easy. Of course, you don’t have to write on that specific topic alone, you can do a spinoff to make it fit your own blog style.

Speak from your heart: If you have a lot going on in that brain of yours, use it to your advantage. Jot down the ideas that are running in your mind on a daily basis, but also run with those ideas. Speaking from your heart can be a great thing for your blog, just make sure it makes sense.

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Ask friends and family: You can come up with a blog post idea every day by asking your friends and family what they think. Sometimes it’s really cool to be able to pick the brain of someone else because it gives your brain a nice break. And it never hurts to ask the people you love for a little help from time to time.

There are so many ways to get ideas for blog posts. Although you may feel discouraged about finding ideas every day, it’s possible. The key point is to make sure you are always jotting down your ideas and always brainstorming. Stay ahead of the game and it will make your blogging life SO MUCH EASIER.

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