German Tanks Do Not Have Good Ammunition

The Bundeswehr in Germany has really not been looking good for quite some time. One piece of bad news follows the other. Just now a big discussion has broken out that the soldiers have very bad Machine guns that are very inaccurate when fired. But now it has become known that the ammunition for the tanks of the Bundeswehr is not very good either.

Leopard 2 Has No Effective Ammunition

The Leopard 2 main battle tank, actually a very modern tank, does not have good ammunition at all, according to newspaper reports. Especially against Russian tanks, it is not possible to do anything with this ammunition, because it is much too weak. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen would like to buy more of these tanks, especially because of the dangerous situation in Ukraine. A total of 100 additional tanks are to be added. But many are now naturally asking why the Bundeswehr needs these tanks if it doesn’t even have the right ammunition for them.

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Ammunition Must Be Further Developed

The Russian tanks are very thick and resistant and the ammunition of a German tank cannot destroy it. Experts say that very special ammunition is needed for this, but it does not yet exist in our country. Therefore, from 2017, the tanks will get different types of bullets. However, this is only a further development of the ammunition available now, and whether this will be sufficient is open to doubt. In addition, there is a completely different problem. This new ammunition can only be fired from the newer tank models, and the Bundeswehr only has 20 of them. Unfortunately, this is no joke. Another reason for other countries to laugh at our Bundeswehr. No helicopters available, poor machine guns and now poor ammunition and too few tanks.

Explanation Of Difficult Words

As German Armed Forces the German army is referred to. It is supposed to defend our country or help defend other countries that are our friends.

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Machine guns are fully automatic firearms. When you pull the trigger on a machine gun, the gun fires until you release the trigger or it runs out of ammunition.

The Leopard 2 main battle tank is manufactured in Germany. There is a crew of four in such a tank. Other countries have also bought these tanks for their armies.

The Minister of Defense (as currently in Germany) or the Minister of Defense, is the top boss of the Bundeswehr. They are responsible for the army like any other boss in a large company.

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