Flickering In The Children’s Room: How Much Television Is Okay For My Child?

“Thou shalt not watch television,” preach parents, but like to watch movies, or series themselves. According to a study, 95% of children between the ages of six and thirteen watch TV at least once a week. 76% almost every day, for an average of 98 minutes a day.

Again and again we hear that children who watch too much television become stupid. They lag behind in school, tend to have behavioral problems, or sleep disorders.
Parents should therefore know how much TV consumption exceeds a healthy level.

This Is How Much Television Is Acceptable Depending On Age

To prevent television from becoming a part of children’s lives, parents should make clear agreements. These must include the duration, as well as the program selection and the time of television.

0-2 Years

Experts agree that children under three should not watch television at all. They cannot yet process the content on TV and are still very busy with their surroundings. Toddlers understand the world around them through their sense of touch.
They do not understand that the figures depicted do not belong to the real world.
The television, which never reacts, is therefore problematic.
Recommended consumption: 0 minutes.

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3-5 Years

Children of kindergarten age should watch a maximum of 30 minutes of television a day.
The distinction between fantasy and reality is still difficult.
Recommended TV consumption: 30 minutes.

6-9 Years

At this age, a daily TV consumption of 60 minutes is suitable.
Children are no longer so overwhelmed by an action.
Nevertheless, violent images should be avoided.
Children up to 10 years are not yet able to comprehend actions, they only jump from picture to picture.
Recommended TV consumption: 60 minutes.

10-13 Years

Only now can children reliably distinguish between reality and fiction.
Nevertheless, they should only watch a maximum of 90 minutes of TV a day.
Movies can still overwhelm them.
Recommended TV consumption: 90 minutes.

The Right Program

Not only the amount, but also the content of the TV program is crucial.
Is the program suitable for your child, or does it scare them?
Parents face many questions when choosing programs. For young children, choose programs that are not too exciting. You can tell how your child will react to the program by his or her behavior.
If the program is not suitable for your child, he or she will cover his or her eyes or ears, for example.

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The Right Time

The timing of daily television viewing is also important. Experts recommend not watching TV in the morning before school, at dinner, or in the evening. It is best if you introduce fixed rules. For example, you can specify that your child can watch TV after homework.

Watching television shortly before bedtime is particularly problematic. This makes it difficult for children to get a good night’s rest. Difficulty falling asleep and nightmares can be the result.

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