Red Moles: A Cause For Concern Or Harmless?

Many people carry moles or birthmarks on their skin. Over time, these can also change. What it means when you suddenly discover red moles and what you should do then, you will learn in this article.

What Exactly Are Birthmarks?

Moles or life spots – also called nevus – are probably the most common type of growths on the skin. Don’t panic: These are benign growths.

The cells of a mole can form pigments. Thus, it is possible to have light brown to black and even red moles. Just about everyone has at least one birthmark on their body.

Some have it since or after birth, others get them only in old age. They are mainly located on the neck, décolleté, chest or back – red birthmarks are not uncommon. Did you know that these small spots on the skin are also called strawberry spots or blood sponges?

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The scientific term for red moles is hemangioma. This refers to small spots that form mainly on the upper body in the course of life. In rare cases, they even appear in the genital area.

How Do Birthmarks Develop?

The development of a birthmark can have very different causes. In most people, the benign growths develop mainly during puberty or pregnancy. The reason for this is hormonal influences.

In addition, too much UV radiation can also promote the development of birthmarks. If your immune system is somewhat weakened, the probability is quite high that the formation of birthmarks and moles is promoted.

For a congenital birthmark no cause could be found so far. However, it is suspected that there is a familial displacement behind it. Both congenital and newly acquired birthmarks are caused by an increased accumulation of pigment-forming cells. These migrate into the skin and eventually multiply.

Are Red Moles Dangerous?

No need to panic. Even if red moles cause concern at first glance, they are completely harmless. People over the age of about 40 are particularly affected.

A red birthmark develops when small blood vessels within the skin surface dilate. The loops of the vessels fill with blood – hence the red coloration. If you are affected by a particularly strong genetic predisposition, you will also notice red birthmarks on your face, nose, chin or ear.

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These Are The Forms Red Moles Can Take

In the early stages, red birthmarks appear as a small ruby spot. You can also recognize it by its light red color and diameter of 1 to 4 millimeters. When the development of red birthmarks is a bit more advanced, a small, flat nodule appears. It now changes from a light red to a dark red coloration.

In very few cases the red birthmark enlarges. However, it still happens that a soft, spongy nodule forms from the small spot and takes on a diameter of 1 centimeter.

The causes of red birthmarks are quite different. The exact reason for the formation can only be clarified by a doctor. If the small red moles on your skin bother you, you can have them removed by a dermatologist.

Should I Have A Red Birthmark Treated?

There is no definite “yes” or “no” to this. It depends on where the red moles are located and whether they bother you. However, since these skin changes are neither dangerous nor cause discomfort, there is basically no need for action. The only reason for removal would be the aesthetic aspect.

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As a rule, small red moles are sclerosed. However, if they are larger, surgical intervention cannot be avoided.

This Is The Therapy

Only your doctor can determine whether a birthmark or mole needs to be removed. For him it is important whether there is a cancer risk or not. Many people find birthmarks especially in conspicuous areas – such as the face – disturbing and decide to have them removed.

If the birthmark is located on the spine, for example, there is a risk that it can quickly become inflamed. Accordingly, an inflammation can be caused by rubbing clothes. In this case it can be advantageous to have the birthmark removed.

However, if a birthmark or mole shows signs that may indicate cancer, the skin growth must be surgically removed. However, this will only be done if your doctor is able to detect cell changes.

Have relatives already had a mole removed in the past? Then it makes sense to have conspicuous moles examined. Because as you already know you can carry a predisposition in your cells. If it is detected as early as possible, it is all the better.

What To Do In Case Of Sudden Skin Changes?

As you have already learned in this article, there is no cause for concern behind the development of red moles. These are benign growths that do not necessarily need to be removed. Unless you want to.

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Basically, red birthmarks do not differ from “normal” birthmarks with a brown or black color. It is only the red color that makes them look dangerous at first sight.

Attention: Since red birthmarks are no different from other birthmarks, the same principle applies here: As soon as you notice a sudden change, you should rather have it checked by your doctor.

To be more precise: If you notice that the birthmark has enlarged noticeably recently, has taken on a strange shape or is even causing you pain, a visit to the doctor is advisable.

How To Recognize Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

A change in your birthmark does not necessarily mean something bad. But to be on the safe side, here are the symptoms that can indicate skin cancer:

  • The birthmark turns darker.
  • It becomes larger.
  • A birthmark looks different from the rest.
  • The birthmark starts bleeding, oozing or itching.

If you can recognize even one symptom on your birthmark, you should consult a doctor.


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