5 Content Sharing Strategies That Get Results

Blogging can be a lonely business. You write your heart and soul into a 500-1000 word post and hit Publish. And then…nothing. Only a handful of your regular visitors see this fabulous post that you think is pure gold.

What you need to do is get your work “out there” so new readers can find your work and love it and read your blog every day. You want to grow your readership, your email subscribers and ultimately your income.

5 Content Sharing Strategies That Get Results

How do you get your work shared?

I don’t mean sharing your posts to your blog’s Facebook page. Still do that of course, but by sharing your content with readers that already know you, you won’t be getting in front of a new audience and expanding your readership.

What you need is a big blogger to share your post with their readers. I have read a lot of stories from successful bloggers and the thing that increased their readership the most was having someone else share their work with their larger audience.

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Here are 5 easy content sharing strategies that really work.

Network with other bloggers

Get involved in the blogging community through forums, facebook groups, mastermind groups, or even word of mouth. Once other bloggers know and love you, they will want to share your work.

Facebook Share Days

This is becoming a very popular way to share content. Some bloggers open up their Facebook page so anyone can post a link to their best posts on their blog page’s Timeline. Here’s a hint: Make sure you make it completely shareable by adding a compelling intro and a picture.

The SITS Girls

 Your Modern Family




and find more at the Kid Blogger Network.


This is a content sharing site that has both paid and free options. You share other people’s content to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon and earn credits to enter your blog posts to be shared by others. You can also purchase credits in bulk. This is an interesting way to get people in other spheres to share your content. One thing to be aware of is that the people sharing your content may not be in your niche or be sharing with your specific target audience.

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Promoted Pins on Pinterest

I love Pinterest ads for content sharing. You should always be creating great pinnable images for every blog post and pinning them to Pinterest. If you have never used Pinterest ads before, test it out. For literally pennies, you will get your Pins shared and clicked on. You only pay for a click to your website, so all likes, repins and comments are free of charge. Winning!

The Gawker websites

Foodgawker and Craftgawker are like really specific Pinterest sites that focus on just one thing – pictures of food or crafts. Unlike Pinterest, you can’t just put whatever you want on it. You have to submit your picture and wait for it to be accepted. Your photography has to be excellent to be accepted at these sites, however. Don’t be discouraged with the first rejection. They give you valuable feedback on what you can do better next time.

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Get Results!

5 Content Sharing Strategies That Get Results

Stop wasting your time promoting your work in places that don’t matter. Most bloggers have a full time job and a family they need to take care of. Stop spinning your wheels with things that don’t bring you traffic.

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    This is a great post and such useful info! I just get overwhelmed with all these diff sites..have a hard time focusing..lol..so hard to know which ones to embrace and which ones to leave alone. I am a newbie since August and find the techy stuff of blogging so daunting…uggg. I really want my blog to grow ..I am on some groups that are helping that…but it needs an overhaul..the design. Then been told to switch to wordpress..afraid of that too..because I am not techy! Anyway I love your blog and all the resources here! Thank you so much for sharing!


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