Anna, Hannah, Or Rather Elfriede? The Agony Of Choosing A Name

There are many good aids in the search for the right name. After all, your child, whether a girl or a boy, will have to get along with your well-intentioned first name for the rest of his life. The classic variant is to choose the name of the grandfather, grandmother, or that of a (hereditary) aunt. But here caution is required: An Otto or Wilhelm can then already become times. Wilfriede and Gertrude also take some getting used to. This kind of name choice is simple and has certainly reasons – the tradition is preserved and one decided for generations always in such way. But often the name then sounds correspondingly antiquated and dusty.

Patience Is The Order Of The Day When Searching

Finding a selection of names is still the smallest problem: You will find enough suggestions in newspapers, in books, in the telephone directory and of course in the old familiar name books. And lately, you can also find them on the web. But then you need patience and perseverance: depending on the size of the name book, for example, you can choose from thousands of boys’ and girls’ names. This is a Sisyphean task that cannot simply be accomplished on the side. Take your time together. Write down your favorite names. Your wife will do the same, and you may have some of the same names on your list. Then you will find out if your ideas and feelings run in the same direction.

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The Right Mix Is Important!

And don’t forget with your choice that you also have a surname, which could collide with the first name. Who is happy in the long run with Peter Peters, Jean-Jacques Hartmann, or even Claire Grube? It’s like coffee, the right mixture is what counts.

Fashionable Names At Any Price?

Every year, new fashion names are created that then go out of fashion again. Some even become brands of magazines and products, like Petra, Brigitte, Melitta, or Mercedes. Many parents let themselves be led by these fashion names and later regret it. The trend is clearly moving more and more towards foreign and modern names, even in the case of first names. Short, concise names are also becoming more and more popular. If you want to follow the spirit of the times, it is best to follow the annual hit list of the German Language Association and create your individual top ten from it!

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Names Express Feelings

Which name is best for your child is always a matter of taste. Some tend toward names of famous poets or pop stars, others toward cinema heroes of biblical martyrs. Still, others love Italian or Nordic names, or else a name with a special meaning. With the first name, you express feelings and sometimes expectations and transfer them to your child. This is how it should be because father and mother lovingly – but sometimes also angrily – call this name for a lifetime. So, now it’s time to get to work and have fun choosing a name.

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