Are You Ready For A Mother-Child Cure?

As a mother, you always have a lot to do – work, education, household. It is not so easy to get everything under one hat and at the same time still have enough time for nice leisure activities with the child. Such stresses and strains quickly take their toll on health. That’s why specially developed health programs are needed to help in stressful situations. These include mother-child cures. Here you will find the most important information about mother-child cures, when you can apply for one, and how it can help you.

What Exactly Is A Mother-Child Cure?

A mother-child cure is a three-week rehabilitation measure. The cure is for mothers and their children. The mother-child-cure offers mothers, but also children, the necessary rest from everyday life. However, strictly speaking, this is not a vacation. The main focus of the cure is health, which is why an individual treatment program is offered for everyone. This consists of various therapies and applications. Children also receive health treatment upon presentation of a medical certificate.

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But don’t worry, despite the treatment, mothers and children usually find the spa a great time. They enjoy doing things together with other spa guests or use the free time between treatments and applications for excursions. Children are especially happy about the child-friendly activities in age-appropriate groups and quickly make new friends here.

The Advantages Of A Mother-Child Cure:

  • Offers mothers recovery.
  • Individual treatment.
  • Variety for children.
  • Good for health.
  • Escape from everyday life.

Am I Ready For The Cure?

Most mothers keep trying to struggle through and endure the everyday stresses. This quickly affects your health and can also have long-term consequences. If you too feel that it’s just too much for you right now, pay close attention to what your body is telling you. Are you tired all the time? Are you irritated more and more often? Do colds and illnesses last longer than usual? A visit to the doctor provides clarity. The causes can only be determined with an examination by a doctor. Here you will also receive the certificate that you need to apply for the cure. The reasons for a mother-child cure are manifold and range from impending illnesses to separations and bereavements to chronic illnesses.

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Only Four Steps To The Mother-Child-Cure

  1. First, your family doctor will clarify whether there is a reason for a mother-child cure. You can also contact the Müttergenesungswerk in Germany if you have any questions.
  2. Does your child need a medical certificate? Children must not be more than 14 years old. They may travel with or without a medical certificate. However, they are only entitled to treatments and therapies if they have a medical certificate.
  3. Each clinic has a different focus on the treatment. In the first place, the choice of the clinic depends on the reason for the cure. By the way, there are also some clinics that offer father-child cures, because fathers are not immune to illnesses caused by high stress. In addition to the clinical picture, the concepts of the clinics also vary. Some relieve mothers with care programs for the children, while others attach importance to common activities. The choice of clinic, therefore, depends entirely on your needs.
  4. The cure must be approved by the health insurance company. However, insured persons have the possibility to choose a clinic themselves, or to make a request, e.g. if they have chosen a clinic specialized in this field due to an illness. The health insurance company usually approves the treatment after a few weeks. Mother-child cures are usually approved. If you receive a refusal, you should try an objection, which is successful in most cases.
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