Baby Walkers – How Useful Are They Really?

Slowly but surely, babies discover their little world. In the first few months of their lives, they don’t yet walk in “seven-league boots. But to give boys and girls the best possible support during their first attempts at learning to walk, a baby walker is ideal. It is a very good alternative to the traditional playpen or bassinet. A baby walker offers valuable support when it comes to using a short-term substitute for the mother’s or father’s hand during the initial, usually still very uncertain walking attempts. Baby walker toys are available today in a wide variety of materials, colors and sizes. If you want to find the right baby walker made of wood, plastic, etc. for your darling, it is important not to leave anything to chance when choosing. It has been shown that learning to walk only becomes easier and more “purposeful” with the right baby walker.

Much More Than Just A Baby Toy

A high-quality baby walker gives children more security right from the start and consequently promotes the stability of your offspring during their “first steps into life”. If the little ones are motivated to move in this way with the practical baby walker, experience shows that they will enjoy learning to walk much more. Mommy and Daddy will also be thrilled by the impressive development of the child. Safety, support and the pleasure of mastering the first steps “without mom’s and dad’s help” – all this promotes the development of your baby while learning to walk sustainably. With the baby walker, they have the opportunity to try things out for themselves, to define their own limits, and consequently to assess for themselves how far they can go. Nevertheless, you should know that this ability is only trained over the course of several months. Basically, a wooden baby walker is much more than “just” a baby toy. Rather, it is a valuable and therefore indispensable aid in growing up, which also brings a lot of joy to young and old!

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The First Steps With The Baby Walker

A baby walker is a baby walking aid designed to make it easier for little boys and girls of different ages to learn to walk.


If possible, such a baby toy should only be used when the children can already sit and stand independently. If they are able to take their first steps, the purchase of child-friendly baby walkers is particularly recommended, as this aid allows them to experience more stability and safety right from the start. They feel more security and independence and thus have the chance to develop motor skills faster.

Wooden Baby Walker VS. Plastic Baby Walker

At first glance, modern baby walkers look like classic baby carriages or doll carriages. Depending on the product, they usually have a small push handle that children can hold onto. In addition, the non-slip handle offers the possibility to push the baby walker from A to B. Opposite the push handle is the baby toy, usually in the form of a doll or baby carriage, play center or baby gym, which is designed to encourage play and experience. There are no limits to the creativity of manufacturers when it comes to design. For boys, for example, baby walkers are offered in the visual form of a toolbox, a car or a truck. Girls, on the other hand, usually love baby walkers in the design of a doll’s or princess’s bed.

Differences In Material Composition

Wooden baby walkers are among the most popular baby walkers in this product category. This is because wood as a natural material is characterized by its grip and long life. In addition, from the point of view of parents, the low toxicity of the processed materials or paints and varnishes is particularly important. Depending on the model, wooden baby walkers are more stable due to their heavier weight and therefore offer more safety. In comparison, plastic baby walkers are usually lighter and – depending on the model – not always completely tip-proof. Due to its comparatively smooth surface, a classic baby walker made of plastic or PVC is easier to clean. Dust, dirt and the like do not settle in the grooves, as is sometimes the case with wooden baby walkers. Regardless of whether the baby walker is made of wood or plastic – baby walkers in this product category can be equipped with textile materials or leather. This allows little users to make their dolls and teddies even softer and cozier while they explore their little world at home with their “doll carriage” baby walker.

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The Dead Weight Plays An Essential Role In The Baby Walker

The weight of a baby walker is of vital importance with regards to stability, resilience and safety for the child. In contrast to a plastic baby walker, wooden baby walkers are significantly heavier and thus inherently more solid and robust. This aspect has a particular effect on the tipping resistance. While plastic baby walkers are more likely to tip over to the side and thus pose a certain potential danger to the little ones, this is not the case with a wooden baby walker. Nevertheless, PVC baby walkers offer the advantage that they are mostly more flexible to control or steer. Depending on the model, they are smoother and therefore often easier to handle for babies and toddlers.

The Advantages Of Modern Wooden Or Plastic Baby Walkers Speak For Themselves

  • Babies and toddlers can literally learn to walk while playing with this functional baby toy.
  • Little boys and girls benefit from more safety and stability while learning to walk.
  • Wooden baby walkers offer parents the opportunity to allow their child to practice learning to walk independently as well.
  • The kids’ urge to move and discover is encouraged.
  • Motor skills and coordination are improved.
  • The range of motion for children is increased by baby walkers.
  • Used as a baby toy, baby walkers are the ideal aid for transporting dolls, toy bricks or teddy bears.
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Not All Baby Walkers Are Ideal For Learning To Walk

The higher the dead weight and the more optimal the center of gravity of the baby walker, the safer the handling of the baby walker. Even before the little ones stand securely on their feet or already in the pull-up phase, a wooden baby walker performs well. For a better understanding: Often the dear little ones approach their baby toys on all fours or crawling on their bellies. Once there, their little hands look for a handle that will allow them to pull themselves up. Assuming that the baby walker does not have the necessary stability and steadiness, there is a great risk that it will fall to the side.

Most often, the baby toy tips over onto the child lying next to it. Risk of injury! For this reason, you are best advised not to buy “any” cheap product, but preferably choose a wooden baby walker of high quality. No less relevant is the center of gravity. This should be in the center of the stroller and not near the grab handle, which is located further back. The more central the center of gravity, the more likely this will have a positive effect on the stability and tipping resistance. The optimal ratio of the trolley’s own weight in relation to the strength and body weight of the small user should not be forgotten in this context.


The baby walker toy should preferably not be heavier than 5 kg. Certainly, the overall higher dead weight admittedly affects the stability of the product. However, you should weigh up whether your little rascal has great physical strength or whether it is easier for him to push baby walkers with a lower dead weight. In fact, most children find it difficult to steer heavy baby walkers or to move them into the desired position. This then usually leads inevitably to the fact that the boys and girls lose the desire and motivation to play with the wooden baby walker.

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Certainly, baby walkers offer fun and variety to most children who want to learn to walk while they take in their world. And parents also benefit, because the baby walker helps the little ones to “educate independence” in terms of motor skills and movement to a certain extent and supports them in many areas. Mommy and daddy can therefore take a breath and don’t have to look incessantly while their treasure is having fun with the wooden baby walker. Nevertheless, it can never be completely ruled out that the baby walker wobbles or tips over.

However, minor mishaps are part of growing up. In this respect, you are well advised to observe the play behavior of your little one as relaxed as possible and not to intervene hastily in every apparent dangerous situation with regard to the use of the baby walker. Overly cautious or hectic reactions on the part of parents, fearing that something could happen to their child with the wooden or plastic baby walker, could certainly impair the fun of playing and learning to walk.

When Is The Best Time For A Baby Walker?

Basically, baby walkers are not meant to teach children how to walk from scratch. Rather, it is recommended that certain motor skills have already been developed accordingly. The respective stage of development and individual play behavior also play a central role. In most cases, baby walkers are a good way to support motor skills from the sixth to tenth month. In addition, studies show that sometimes even the 16th to 18th month of life is more suitable for using a baby walker. For example, many babies like to pull themselves up on objects of various kinds in their first months of life. A wooden baby walker is the ideal baby toy for this. The perfect time is when the boys and girls are still a little wobbly on their feet, but can already cover a few meters “on their own”.

Which baby walker would you choose?


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