Children’s Room Furniture: These Qualities Parents Should Pay Attention To

"Furnishing a child’s room is usually just as much fun for parents as it is for the little ones. The heart of the oasis of well-being for small and large discoverers is the furniture that is selected for the children’s room. The selection is huge, but so are the differences. Parents should inform themselves well before buying and consider some essential quality features so that the whole family can enjoy the furnishings for a long time.

Furniture for the baby or children’s room is available in every shape, design and price range. Every family is guaranteed to find what they are looking for in well-stocked specialist stores and online stores when searching for the perfect furnishings for the children’s room. But it’s not just design issues that are important so that the little ones can feel really comfortable in their own kingdom.

Children’s rooms must also meet the highest safety standards so that the risk of accidents and injuries during play is as low as possible. While babies and toddlers tend to spend most of their time in the living area near their parents, the nursery is increasingly becoming a place of retreat for older children and the center of their daily lives. The furnishing of this important room should therefore be given a correspondingly high level of care and attention to detail.

When furnishing a child’s room, parents should pay particular attention to pollutants and pathogens that are hidden in almost all materials, from wall paint to flooring and textiles. A second essential point when it comes to safety, comfort and functionality in the children’s room is the choice of the right furniture. Here the range is so enormous that it is difficult to keep track of everything.

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Basically, when buying children’s room furniture, parents should focus on quality and not save at the wrong end. There are a few essential quality features that good furniture for the little ones should meet.

Tested Safety For An All-round Good Feeling

How safe children’s furniture is in everyday use is often impossible to assess at first glance. However, since very high standards are set in Germany and Europe for products that come into contact with children, there are numerous independent test seals that can provide parents with information about the quality of children’s furniture.

Parents Should Look Out For These Test Seals:

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is a test seal that identifies environmentally friendly products and services. The main test criteria for individual products are resource conservation, sustainability, environmental compatibility, ease of repair, durability and harmlessness.

The Blue Angel is awarded voluntarily and upon application by the manufacturer. The seal is awarded for three or four years before a new test must be carried out. The independent Environmental Label Jury awards the Blue Angel under the auspices of the Federal Environment Agency and the Ministry of the Environment.

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GS Mark

The GS mark is also awarded voluntarily and at the request of the manufacturer. It is a German extension of the European CE mark. An independent and officially approved certification body certifies that the tested product meets the basic safety and health requirements according to the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

CE Marking

The CE marking stands for “Communauté Européenne” (European Community). With the CE marking, the manufacturer of a product indicates that it meets the basic safety and health requirements of all relevant EU directives. Toys and children’s furniture without a CE mark may not be sold in Germany, and there are also strict guidelines on the European market.
(Source: Federal Center for Health Education

Parents should also pay attention to the renowned German and European test seals when ordering children’s room furniture online, for example. If products bear a corresponding test seal, this is usually indicated directly on the supplier’s website or in the online store.

High-quality Materials Can Withstand Anything

Children’s room furniture has to withstand a lot. They are in the middle of the action and are not always treated gently. Furniture made of high-quality materials withstands children’s imagination and accompanies them through many an adventure.

High-quality furniture made of solid wood is particularly recommended. They are particularly robust and hard-wearing and will still meet the demands as the occupants grow older. When buying furniture, parents should make sure that it is not only made of high-quality material, but that it is also well made. For example, nothing should splinter, break or shift during play, otherwise the little ones can quickly injure themselves.

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In the case of treated wood, it is important that only materials free of harmful substances have been used. Dealers and manufacturers must provide detailed information here if requested.
Furniture made of solid wood is generally much more expensive to purchase than less high-quality materials. However, in terms of safety and durability, they are far ahead of their alternatives, so the investment in good furniture is definitely worth it.

Safety At First And Second Glance

When it comes to the design and workmanship of children’s room furniture, basic features ensure greater safety during play. For example, children’s room furniture must not have any sharp corners or edges. Cracks and crevices where children could get stuck also have no place on furniture for the children’s room. Large, high and heavy furniture in particular must be designed in such a way that it cannot tip or fall over.

If additional safety anchoring in the wall is required, the manufacturer should explicitly point this out. Of course, no screws or nails should protrude from children’s furniture, and the furniture pieces must be of such high quality workmanship that nothing can splinter.
Parents should look very carefully at the workmanship and, if in doubt, ask the manufacturer or dealer.

Reviews on the Internet from customers who have bought the product themselves and have already tested it in everyday use for some time are often very helpful. Many a potential defect only becomes apparent at second glance when the furniture has passed its first stress tests.

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Furniture That Grows With The Child For Ergonomics At Any Age

Children grow up so quickly, and their needs are always changing as they develop. Parents are therefore well advised to choose furniture that can grow with them when furnishing the children’s room right from the start.

This includes, for example, beds that can be adapted to the size, sleeping patterns and safety requirements of the children. Desks and chairs should also be height-adjustable so that children can work ergonomically at any age. Closets are long-lasting companions if the interior layout can be flexibly adapted with just a few accessories. For example, compartments can become a wall unit and vice versa.

Handles and locking mechanisms are also variable in the perfect grow-along furniture. For example, individual cabinet doors and drawers can be fitted with safety locks for very small children’s hands and later adapted so that they are easier to open to support children in their growing independence.

If parents decide on furniture that grows with the child and thus for a long-term basic furnishing of the children’s room, the individual pieces of furniture should, however, have as neutral a design as possible so that they can be easily integrated into the changing design wishes of the children.

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