Diaper Bag: What You Should Definitely Always Have With You

Especially on longer trips, you need to change your baby on the go. So that you do not miss anything, you should pack your diaper bag carefully.

The Right Diaper Bag

You don’t have to buy a new diaper bag right away, it’s just important that it meets certain criteria. The three most important points are the size, the layout and the handling.


Just test out whether all things fit into your diaper bag. However, the bag should also not be too big, otherwise it can quickly become unwieldy.


Bags that have different sized compartments are particularly practical. This allows for a better overview.


If you often travel with the stroller, a long carrying strap is recommended.
You can also opt for a backpack.

Diaper Bag Checklist: What All Needs To Go In?


It’s best to always take at least three fresh diapers with you. At some point, you will be able to estimate approximately how often your child needs to be diapered, so you can adjust the number.

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Changing Pad:

Every diaper bag should include a changing pad that is foldable and easily washable.

Plastic Bags:

You don’t always have the option of disposing of a full diaper right away.
Therefore, plastic bags are recommended until you find the nearest trash can.

Wet Wipes:

They make your life easier, as they are not only super good for your baby’s bottom, but also for your hands. Make sure they are fragrance-free so as not to irritate your baby’s skin.

Wound Protection Cream:

You’ll be ideally equipped with this in case your baby ever gets a sore bottom.

Nursing Pads:

In case you’re breastfeeding on the go and don’t want unsightly milk stains to show on your top.

Change Of Clothes:

In any case, a set of fresh baby clothes belongs in the diaper bag. You never know what might happen on an outing. A change of tops for you is not amiss either.

Bottles Or Porridge:

In case your baby is hungry on the road and you’re not breastfeeding.

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In case your baby gets thirsty, water, or unsweetened teas are suitable.

Nice To Have With You

Good in a diaper bag also makes a cloth, with which you can cover yourself while breastfeeding. Also useful is a first aid kit, in case small accidents happen.
You can also pack your child’s favorite toy, or a cuddly toy.

The best products for you and your baby.

Baby monitor

With a baby monitor, you can use your time flexibly, sleep peacefully at night and still know at all times that your baby is doing well.

Nursing pillow

A good breastfeeding pillow has several advantages, because it helps you not only to breastfeed, but also to fall asleep and is also suitable as a nest.

Diaper bags

A diaper bag offers you a lot of storage space, so that you have everything you need for your baby on the go - from the changing pad to the bottle.


A pucksack gives your baby the feeling of security, like in the womb, and thus supports a peaceful and restful sleep.

Bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailers can be used in combination with a baby seat shortly after birth. They are not only safer than child seats but also more comfortable.


A playpen can be very practical in everyday life! Which model is suitable for your needs, you can read in my guide.

Baby bed

The first bed accompanies your child for years. Fortunately, there are beds that grow with your child. I have made for you on the search for the best baby beds.


A stroller is a worthwhile purchase. But there are the most diverse models on the market. Find out which is the right one.

Radiant heater

Radiant heaters provide your child with the necessary warmth when changing diapers or after bathing.

Extra bed

Side beds are very practical and offer both mother and baby a lot of advantages, because for babies, especially in the first months of life, it is reassuring to be able to sleep next to their parents.

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