Entering Professional Life: What You Should Know About It

Training, Study – And Now?

We have been aware for a long time that we would one day have to enter working life. As children, we dream of our dream jobs and look forward to the independence that will come.

After school, we have a moment to decide on a direction that will determine our future more precisely. It is only after we have completed our training or studies that the idea becomes truly real. Many face this uncertainly at first.

You are faced with the open world, with all its possibilities, and now you have to decide what you want, while others have to decide for you.

Sending out a few applications is usually no longer enough. Not all apprenticeships end in a job, either. Today, the entry into professional life is made possible by various things:

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How Can You Enter Professional Life?


The classic way is to write applications. After browsing through advertisements, you are sure to find jobs that sound interesting. After you have adapted your documents to them, you send them, mostly online.

The point here is to spread the word and keep looking. Many companies do not contact you at all, others cancel. With the abundance of applications that companies receive, it is not surprising if they are roughly sorted out. Sometimes this is not even a sign of the applicants’ suitability.

This makes it all the more important to send out as many applications as possible and not to give up. The application process in this way can take up to a year, so start early! You can put together convincing application documents here.


Internships have three advantages. Firstly, you can use them to bridge the application phase. This gives you something to fill the gap in your resume in case of a lack of applications. It also shows that you are willing to work and that you like to further your education.

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On the other hand, you learn practical experience and skills during the internship, which you can later use in job applications and prove with the internship certificate.

Last but not least, there is the optimal outcome: You can get to know a company that you like and prove that you are a good addition to their team. If you are not taken on, you will still have made a contact that you can list as a reference in your resume.


Traineeships are mainly found in media professions and are a one or two-year training program that usually follows a course of study.

Here you get to know the practice and specialize your previous knowledge in the chosen field. Volunteers receive a salary and, as with apprenticeships, there is the possibility that the training company will take you on.


For those who want to become a civil servant, for example for lawyers, there is the Referendariat. This is the preparatory service for the higher service.

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It is part of the training and comes before the second state examination. However, here you apply for a job of your choice, where you will work for two years. Here you also have the opportunity to establish contacts and make yourself indispensable as an employee. As a salary you will receive a maintenance allowance.

Trainee Programs

Trainee programs come from the English-speaking world and are intended for applicants who want to make a career. Here you get to know a company in all areas and are trained to become a manager.

They are a good introduction to jobs in the business sector. Here, too, there is the possibility of being taken on and of continuing to use the skills you have learned. In addition, you already get an entry-level salary.

What About The Job Market As A Young Professional?

If you are heading for the job market today, it is not easy. Everywhere you will find predominantly temporary positions and advertisements that are impossible to fill.

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Anyone who, after completing their training or studies, is confronted with job descriptions that demand work experience that cannot be obtained without work experience, is left feeling insecure. That’s where assertiveness is needed.

The advantage of today’s world is that once you are on the job market, it remains varied due to our fast pace of life.

Frequent job changes are no longer uncommon, and it doesn’t hurt to try out different areas of work if you gain valuable skills that set you apart from other applicants.

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