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Nowhere is there a fixed deadline for parents to start thinking about childcare for the first time. However, when applying for parental leave, it is advisable to consider how long the leave should last and what form of childcare will be available to the parents afterward. This article shows what options are available and what advantages and disadvantages they offer. According to the federal government, the forms of care presented here are the most common.

The Classic In Transition: The Daycare Center

Figure 1: Most children go to kindergarten for the first time when they are three or four years old. If parents need reliable care at a younger age, the daycare center may come into question, which is often even located in the same building.

The kindergarten of yesteryear has changed mightily. The kindergarten teachers of yesteryear have become nursery nurses and educators. Today, even the first day of kindergarten is based on a scientifically thought-out acclimatization concept, to which the respective daycare center is committed. And in addition to deciding when a child should be cared for in the daycare center, parents must also decide whether the education that prevails there is Christian, Waldorf, Montessori or some other concept. These are the advantages and disadvantages of care in a daycare center:

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Advantages Of A Daycare CenterDisadvantages Of A Day Care Center
  • The daycare center can provide care from babyhood to school age. Often, the daycare center and kindergarten form a single unit. Thus, the transition is smooth.
  • Educators pay attention to the mental, physical, emotional and social development of the children. Developmental disorders can be detected quickly.
  • If you take your child to a daycare center at an early age, you miss the opportunity to be the first to experience some of the developmental steps. If a child who cannot yet walk by itself visits the daycare center, it will take its first steps there.

It is hardly possible to make a statement about the costs at this point, because the fees vary greatly, especially regionally. In addition, there are different booking times, which often make the fees confusing. This press release shows how different the costs for care can be. A special form of childcare in a daycare center is the company’s own daycare center, which exists in many larger companies. It ensures that parents can return to work quickly.

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The Flexible Form Of Childcare: Daycare For Children

Figure 2: Daycare mothers often care for children before they attend kindergarten. The support is highly individualized in small groups of no more than five children.

Day care is particularly suitable before children start attending regular kindergarten (usually from the age of three and a half or four). A childminder looks after a group of up to five children. A look at the following table reveals the advantages and disadvantages of this form of care:

Advantages Of Day CareDisadvantages Of Day Care
  • Mostly mothers act as day mothers, therefore the trust per se is high. Additional training ensures a uniform standard of education for daycare mothers and daycare fathers.
  • The groups are small, and the hours of care can usually be arranged individually. This gives parents the greatest possible freedom.
  • Interaction with other children is learned through play and in the protected space of a small group. This prepares them for kindergarten.
  • It takes a great deal of trust to entrust your child to a childminder. Mothers in particular often see the childminder as a kind of competitor.
  • If the child attends a kindergarten after the childminder, the change can be quite big. The care at the childminder happens in a private environment. The kindergarten is an institution that seems powerful at first.

The same applies to childminders: there are big differences from state to state. The Tagesmütter Bundesverband recommends an hourly wage of 5.50 euros. The number of hours and the parents’ income influence the childminder’s fee. There are also subsidies, additional costs, and other factors to consider in the calculation. Details, comparison tables and calculation examples concerning the costs of a childminder can be found under the given link.

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Care On A Private Basis: Au-pairs, Surrogate Moms/Opas And Family Sponsorships

Figure 3: If the biological grandparents are not available locally, an au-pair can step in.

These constructs are arguably the modern manifestations of child care today. Above all, these options are united by a private organization, great flexibility, and connection over years. What advantages and disadvantages these variants offer, a look at this table shows:

Advantages Of Private CareDisadvantages Of Private Care
  • Au-pairs live in the household and surrogate moms/opas often become an integral part of the family – this provides a strong emotional bond, trust and a good feeling.
  • These forms of care come very close to care provided by relatives. They can be arranged extremely flexibly in terms of time. The focus is on the child, possibly with its siblings.
  • The chemistry between the au-pair and the family or the au-pair and the family must be right, otherwise the idea of arranging care in this way will flop.
  • Family sponsorships have a special role, because they are temporarily only very limited active.

Au-pairs usually cost room and board and a little pocket money. In return, they bring a new culture into the family, which also promotes the children interculturally. Au-pairs usually work on a voluntary basis. The time they spend with the children enriches their lives, which they often live far away from their own families.

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