The Greek Head Of Government As A Guest In Germany

Yesterday the new Prime Minister of Greece arrived in Berlin for a two-day visit. Our Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the Greek guest in the Chancellery welcomed. Whenever presidents or important politicians come to us in Germany, then they are received really solemnly. Even if Germany and Greece argue a lot at the moment because of the debts of the Greeks, the guest nevertheless did not have to do without the solemn reception.

With A State Limousine To The Chancellery

With a large black State limousine, Alexis Tsipras was driven to the Chancellor’s Office, accompanied by police motorcycles. There already waited the Honor guard of the German Armed Forces and our Chancellor Angela Merkel was waiting for the guest. The two smiled a lot in front of the cameras and talked animatedly. Afterward, however, the two went into a large room with some of the Chancellor’s staff to talk about the financial problems of Greece without cameras. There was certainly not so much smiling there, because the two are not on very good terms at the moment.

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Why Is There A Quarrel?

You must have read the article here a few days ago that Greece has a lot of debts and would like to have new money borrowed from the countries of the EU again soon. But Greece will only get this money if they play by the rules and do something in their country so that there will soon be more work and more money can be earned. But that is also understandable. Just remember that you can’t spend more money than what you have saved in pocket money. Your parents feel the same way. You can’t always just spend money and not earn money. Germany now expects Prime Minister Tsipras to come up with a good plan on how Greece can solve its problems. Only then will there be new money again.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

As Prime Minister is the name given to the head of a government. In other countries, this prime minister is also called prime minister, such as in Great Britain.

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In the Chancellery lives and works Angela Merkel. But there are also a lot of other people working there who make sure that the chancellor doesn’t have to do everything on her own. And then there is also a living area that only Angela Merkel and her husband are allowed to enter. This is the very private living area for the chancellor.

A State Limousine sometimes called a state carriage, is a very elegant and particularly protected car. This is used to drive important guests of the country and these cars are quite comfortable and have quite a lot of luxury to offer.

The Honor Guard is a special unit of the German armed forces. Usually, also a music band of the German Federal Armed Forces is present if completely important guests of the Federal Chancellor or the Federal President are received. These men then stand very precisely lined up next to each other and thus pay special tribute to the guest.

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