Lose Weight After Pregnancy – How To Get Rid Of The Pounds

Losing weight after pregnancy is easier said than done. For many moms, the baby pounds remain on the hips for far too long, even if they imagined it quite differently with the after baby body.

Especially the belly after birth can be much bigger than before pregnancy and you really want to lose 10 kilos. But there are tips and tricks on how to lose weight after pregnancy in a healthy way. You can read them here.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Is It Possible?

Do you have the feeling that you will never get rid of the pregnancy pounds and that the belly will always remain like this after the birth? You ask yourself: What is the best way to lose weight? Don’t worry.

Many mothers approach the topic of losing weight after pregnancy far too doggedly and want to lose 10 kilos straight away. But there are many good reasons not to start a diet right now. You can lose weight, but in some cases, you shouldn’t yet.

Beware Of Diets During Breastfeeding

Despite all understandable desires to reclaim your body before pregnancy, you should still be cautious, especially during breastfeeding. For milk production, your body now needs additional calories from your diet so that your child is well satiated and can develop ideally.

If you are still breastfeeding several times a day, diets are absolutely taboo during this time. A calorie-restricted diet could eventually lead to your milk providing fewer nutrients.

Doctors and midwives also warn against strict diets during the breastfeeding period. Wanting to lose 10 kilos can be a good plan for the future. However, if you want to lose 10 kilos, you should always plan for the long term.

Is your baby mainly fed on complementary foods or at the family table, and is breastfeeding more for soothing and attention than for nutrition? Then the breastfeeding period is a good time to question your own diet if losing weight after pregnancy doesn’t work out.

How much and which foods do I eat throughout the day? How many calories do I eat and how many are actually burned?

Be Aware Of And Question Your Diet During The Breastfeeding Period

If you find it difficult to assess your own diet correctly, keep a food diary for a few days. Here you can enter everything you eat during the day. Often unconscious snacks and in-between meals, but also high-calorie drinks will come to your attention.

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Maybe you eat as if you were breastfeeding a lot more, but don’t consume the extra calories. There are many reasons why losing weight after pregnancy doesn’t work.

Be Active While Breastfeeding

If you are still breastfeeding and still want to do something for your fitness, sporting activities are ideal. However, endurance sports that burn a lot of calories are not necessarily recommended. Lightweight training, Pilates, or exercises with your own bodyweight are better.

These strengthen the muscles, make you walk more upright and last but not least help against the round belly after birth. The extent to which you can already put weight on your abdominal muscles and which exercises make sense also depends on when you gave birth. In case of doubt, a medical consultation will help you.

Tip: You can also do many exercises with your baby. There are good instructions for this not only in postnatal gymnastics. You can also exercise your abdomen after the birth when your little one is with you.

Simply search online for video instructions, preferably with trained professionals, or attend an appropriate course at a sports club or fitness studio. However, if paid providers want you to believe that you can lose 10 kilos very quickly, healthy skepticism is called for. Losing weight after pregnancy should never be done with excessive pressure.

Eat Healthier: Pay Attention To Your Diet While Breastfeeding

You’re no longer breastfeeding full-term and your doctor has given you the OK to change your diet? Then you can now look for healthy additions to your daily menu.

It’s good to plan meals ahead so that fatty and sugary snacks don’t cross your path unplanned in the first place. These often accumulate where you definitely don’t want to see them – in the round belly after birth.

No matter whether you want to eat three or five meals a day – you will always find delicious recipes for after pregnancy. First, make a note of the most important meals throughout the day and foods that taste particularly good to you.

Now try to make the larger part of each meal healthy and keep the number of unnecessary calories low. A healthy diet includes carbohydrates and fats as well as fiber and protein – you just have to combine these ingredients well.

You like to eat whole foods? Great! Then try oatmeal in different variations: as a warm porridge, with natural yogurt and fresh fruit, or as muesli mixed with nuts and dried fruit. Such a breakfast can be prepared quickly, even with a baby in your arms, and can also be prepared the night before.

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It keeps you full for a long time and provides your body with important nutrients. For lunch, a vegetable dish with cereals is suitable, but also lean meat, fish, or poultry. Home-cooked soups not only warm the soul but also a fresh salad with plenty of ingredients can make you want more.

It’s better to avoid fried food and anything too hearty if you don’t want to weigh down your stomach too much over lunch. For dinner, you can have a snack with whole-grain cereals, cottage cheese or cream cheese as a spread, and lean sausages and cheeses.

Very important: lots of vegetables, preferably unprocessed, as fresh and colorful as possible. After a few weeks, you may notice that your belly becomes flatter after the birth – just by eating healthier.

And in between? If you feel hungry between meals, try a handful of nuts, a fresh apple, or vegetable sticks with dips. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, especially at the beginning of a dietary change. Therefore, drink plenty of unsweetened tea or water.

With all these tips for recipes after pregnancy, you may not lose 10 kilos during breastfeeding. But you will lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle once you have weaned.

After Breastfeeding You Can Start Losing Weight

You ask yourself: What is the best way to lose weight? You have weaned your baby and are full of energy? Then you can start losing weight after pregnancy, even if it was a while ago.

If you are unsure, have put on a lot of weight or suffer from joint pain, you should also consult a doctor after breastfeeding before you start exercising or changing your diet.

Changing Your Diet After Breastfeeding

If you want to start losing weight after pregnancy, you must first put your diet to the test: Are you eating fresh and balanced food? Are fruits and vegetables on your daily menu? Or do you have to eat quickly and like to get a ready-made snack from the bakery?

Losing weight after pregnancy is difficult for many women because they lack the time to plan and cook. But with the right preparation, healthy eating isn’t that complicated – and it works, even with a baby! Here are three tips for changing your diet after pregnancy that can also make a positive difference to your tummy after giving birth.

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Tip 1: Create A Weekly Plan

The decision to eat unhealthy food often comes from a lack of time. Good planning will save you from buying out of cravings and stress. A classic weekly plan for upcoming meals provides structure and can also be helpful for grocery shopping.

Many meals can also be cooked in advance and combined variably during the week. It is perfectly sufficient if you first use recipes for after pregnancy, which is used for the main meal at lunch or dinner.

Breakfast and a third meal during the day can be chosen individually. For example, how about a delicious vegetable curry with brown rice? Or a colorful salad with quinoa and fish? There are many ways to plan colorful and varied main meals for the week!

Tip 2: Buy Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Maybe you had little time for conscious shopping and cooking in the past months. However, for weight loss after pregnancy to be successful, you should get involved with what you eat.

Why don’t you visit a weekly market in your area and get to know seasonal fruits and vegetables from your region? Especially vegetables should be included in your diet in large proportions.

Fruit provides energy in the morning and supplies you with vitamins and fiber. To be able to lose 10 kilos in the long term and keep the weight off, it is important to internalize a healthy lifestyle.

Tip 3: Reduce Or Replace Snacks

When you were breastfeeding, you may have been very fond of small snacks and snacks between meals. But if you no longer need extra calories for milk production, cutting out snacks can also have a positive effect on the scale in the long run.

The postpartum belly will also be flatter if it stores less fat. In any case, chips, chocolate, and sweet pastries from the bakery should not be part of your daily ritual if you are aiming to lose weight after pregnancy. As a role model for your child, it is recommended anyway to enjoy healthy snacks and everything in moderation.

Lose Weight After Pregnancy: Make Sure You Get Plenty Of Exercise

Exercise is key if you want to lose 10 kilos or even more after pregnancy. Are you asking yourself: What is the best way to lose weight? The answer is: with exercise! Many mothers find it easier to lose weight if they have already exercised during pregnancy.

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But even if you’re not an exercise person, it’s easier to get active when you have a child. We have three tips on how exercise and sports can help you lose weight after pregnancy.

Tip 1: Get Outside And Start Walking

To get started, try taking a walk in the fresh air at a faster pace. Maybe you have a baby jogger as a stroller? Then lace up your running shoes and get going!

If you move three times a week for about half an hour outside, so that you break a sweat, this is the first step if you want to lose 10 kilos.

Tip 2: Build Muscle

If you want to shape your belly after birth and lose excess fat, you should not only eat healthily but also build up your muscles. Maybe you have time to go to the gym and work out in classes or on equipment?

Even if the first step is difficult: Especially for women it is important to build up muscles in view of possible osteoporosis in old age. Muscles keep our bodies upright and make it easier for us to cope with everyday life.

You’ll see how much stronger exercise will make you. Another advantage is that muscles burn fat even when they are not being used. However, if you want to actively build muscles and reduce the size of your belly after giving birth, you should not insist on losing 10 kilos.

Muscles are heavier than fat and that is why they show up on the scales. However, the tape measure and your clothes will show you positive changes.

Tip 3: Take Advantage Of Small Time-outs

Everyday life with a baby can be stressful and there is not always time to actively work on losing weight after pregnancy. If the weather is bad or the child is sick, the sports program quickly takes a back seat.

In order not to lose the motivation to lose weight after pregnancy, you can set up different 10-minute programs for particularly strenuous days, because this time can usually always be found. How about some yoga exercises to calm down?

Or jump rope until you’ve worked up a good sweat? Also, push-ups and holding from the forearm support activate the body so that it does not forget to lose weight after pregnancy. However you go your way to a flat belly after birth – go it actively and healthy!

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