Potty Training! Parenting Lounge Feature #1

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Parenting Lounge - Potty Training

Potty Training Advice From Real Moms

The topic this week is Potty Training. Why is this post #1? Well, it is actually the biggest hurdle we are dealing with in my household right now. My toddler turns 3 next month and it seems like she will never be potty trained. She shows a little interest but fights us on it every day.

Time to check in with the other Mommy’s on our team this week. Moms, how have you dealt with potty training? Advice please!

Reward them with stickers

When my twin girls were tots, we hung a large piece of poster board for each child on their bedroom door. When each child successfully used the toilet, they could pick out a sticker and put it up on the board. You would be surprised how good an incentive one little sticker can be! – Lauren Kim, Mom Home Guide

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I love this potty training chart with stickers to reward and keep track of your toddler’s success.

Don’t rush things

I think it all depends on the child. My first decided to do it on her own fairly easily. My second, well, let’s just say that she still needs some assistance. I would just say to keep the training fun, praise them and when they are ready, it will all work out. Don’t rush things. – Michelle Lepak, Dandelion Patina

Try a no pants day

My 2 year old used to go to work with me at the daycare. She would see the preschool kids going potty and always wanted to try. So one day she goes running through the halls with no pants on trying to find the potty. This little experience taught us that for her the less time in pants the better. She potty trained in a little over a month. – Trista, Mama’s Little Minions

Start young

My 14 month old currently uses the potty on a mostly regular basis. She pooped in the tub twice so we got a potty seat to go on the toilet. She was freaked out the first time she got on so we made sitting on it a routine. She just started to pee on it. She started getting aware of peeing and she would do it on the potty. Now she will give me the “potty” baby sign and I put her on every time so she makes the association. She asks 5-8 times a day and stays dry in between. – Stephanie, Managing a Home

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3 day potty training method

We used the 3 day potty training method with both of our daughters. The first two days were incredibly tough with lots of clean ups, but by the time day three hit, they were potty trained! One long exhausting weekend for each kid, but we got it done! – Ginger, Gingerly Made

*more info on this method here.

Invest in awesome undies

Wait until your child tells you they’re ready, it makes it so much easier. Also invest in some awesome undies, no kiddo wants to wee on Thomas the Tank or Minnie Mouse! – Em, Snowingindoors

Awesome Undies

 Star Wars Little Boys’ Lego Star Wars 5 Pack Underwear Brief, Multi, 6 Fruit Of The Loom Boys’ Fashion Brief (Pack of 5), Stripes and Solids, Medium Nickelodeon Little Boys’ Ninja Turtles Brief, 5-Pack, Assorted, 6 Fruit of the Loom Big Girls’ Brief, Assorted, 8 (Pack of 12) Handcraft Little Girls’ Disney Frozen 7 Pack Panty, Assorted, 4 Dreamworks Little Girls’ Trolls 7 Pack, Assorted, 8

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Have a backup plan

Make sure you have more than 1 idea. What works for one won’t always work for the rest. I remember having to offer toys for my now 5 year old because nothing else worked. My poor bank account hated me. –  Rikki Kruger, omg mommy moments

Get a timer

We love the timer trick. For the first day, set a timer to go off every 30 min. As your child has less accidents, you can increase the time until your child is making it to the potty on his own. – Lady Lilith, Little Lady Plays

This is a neat little kid’s time tracker with a light and an audible alarm.

Potty Training camp anyone?

Don’t you wish there was a camp to send your kids when it came time to potty train? Send the kids there and they come back peeing in the toilet, no accidents, and they even wipe their own butt! Oh I wish! We just started the “adventure” of pee in the potty and I’ll give you ANYTHING you want. – Tahnee, Sincerely Rose

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They will figure it out!

Don’t force it! They will train themselves when they are ready. Try and try and try again, but don’t let it stress you out. Your children will not go to Kindergarten in diapers! They will figure it out. – Sammi Ricke, Grounded & Surrounded

Thank you Moms!

I just have to say, this is ALL great advice. I am definitely going to get a timer and try to stress less.

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Potty Training! Stories and Advice from Real Moms

Parenting Lounge - Potty Training

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  1. Potty training is difficult until you understand your child. We are battling with our youngest at the moment – 2 years and 3 months – but she just doesn’t want to do it. She has days when she wants to use it and days when she just throws it across the room. I am not going to push it though…like it happened to my eldest…one day will just click!
    Thank you for sharing your advice with the #pinitparty

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