Pregnant After Miscarriage: What To Consider?

Pregnant after miscarriage: What to consider? – Women who become pregnant after a miscarriage fear that the pregnancy will be terminated again. This is because the risk of having another miscarriage after a previous one increases with each miscarriage. The reasons for a miscarriage during pregnancy are very different. Often mothers who are in good health and who eat and live healthily are affected. Most women are therefore very worried when the pregnancy test is positive again and usually can not really rejoice. But can women who are pregnant again after a miscarriage minimize the risk so that it works out with the pregnancy?

Pregnant After Miscarriage: Coming To Terms With The Past

Even though many women do not notice a miscarriage, those who lose their baby late in life usually suffer a lot. Especially women who want to have a baby and become pregnant again after a miscarriage cannot really rejoice. The fear of suffering another miscarriage gets to them and they keep thinking about it. It usually takes some time before you can be happy about the new pregnancy again, and it is also perfectly normal to feel anxious and worried at first.

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The important thing is not to repress the memory, but to accept it. Let your feelings run free, cry for your lost baby. This will help you to release the inner tension and cope with the loss more easily. When you tell your friends and relatives about the new pregnancy is up to you. Do not let yourself be pushed and decide the timing for yourself. However, it can often help to trust someone early on, as your family and friends can also be a help and give you confidence.

Pregnant After Miscarriage: Every Pregnancy Is Different

Look forward to the coming baby. You do not have to forget what happened. But remember that every pregnancy is different. What happened last time or was the reason doesn’t have to happen again. With each week, your confidence will increase, you will become more secure and see how things develop for the positive. Try to think about today and not what can happen tomorrow. Don’t worry too much about tomorrow, worry about today.

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Do not let it pass by unused with worries. Very often it can help if you know the reason for your miscarriage. Because if the reason was cervical weakness, for example, you can find out what you can do about it. If you can do something about it, you will also feel better and more confident. But often the reason for an abortion is not understandable. However, many women who have had a miscarriage later have a completely healthy baby. Relaxation helps. Especially if you are exposed to very stressful situations on a daily basis. Many pregnant women resort to yoga or mediation to steal a few minutes from their daily routine and find relaxation.


Talk to your partner, as this can provide you with valuable strength and support. Remember your appointments with your doctor. This way you will always know how your baby is doing and if everything is okay. It also reassures you when you hear your baby’s heartbeat and know that he or she is doing well. Often midwives or even doctors are kind enough to let you come in between so you can hear your baby’s heartbeat.

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A midwife supports you even before the birth and does important work regarding your questions and fears. She can be a wonderful support and give you helpful tips. It can also help to resort to natural healing methods and thus gain security through certain therapies.

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