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The Best Sellers Of Breastfeeding Clothes – Guide

Not everyone wants to be watched while breastfeeding. Therefore, a breastfeeding cloth is a good choice to provide the necessary privacy. This way breastfeeding is discreet even in public and protects your baby from distractions. Many nursing clothes also give your baby more support while breastfeeding and are therefore a great help on the go. There are several different models on the market. Some are primarily focused on their function as a breastfeeding aid with practical extras and others are particularly functional and can also be worn as a pretty accessory.

If you are still not sure after our checklist and the top 10 breastfeeding cloth recommendations which breastfeeding cloth is right for you, then take the test and find out which breastfeeding cloth type best suits for you!

The Bestsellers Of The Nursing Clothes

We have compiled the most popular nursing clothes for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Nursing Clothes

Checklist For Nursing Clothes

  • Nursing clothes should be made of a soft, skin-friendly, air-permeable and easy-care material.
  • Many manufacturers offer nursing clothes made of 100% cotton. Cotton is breathable, absorbent, tear-resistant and also suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • An alternative are nursing clothes made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable raw material that has similar properties to cotton. In addition, the fibers are temperature-balancing, so they warm in cool temperatures and cool in warmth.
  • A small proportion of elastane makes the clothes elastic. This means they can also be used as a stroller cover, for example.
  • Since the cloth sometimes gets a little milk during breastfeeding, it should be machine-washable at at least 40°C
  • Nursing scarves are usually offered in standard sizes from about 100 x 60 cm to 100 x 90 cm. Breastfeeding round scarves often have a circumference of around 150 cm.
  • Find out the exact measurements before buying, so that the nursing shawl is not too small.
  • If you want your nursing cloth to match as many outfits as possible, it is best to choose inconspicuous patterns and neutral colors such as black, white, gray or a light blue.
  • Nursing scarves also differ in shape: Available are, for example, ponchos, loop scarves, aprons with neck ties and nursing scarves that close with buttons.
  • Choose the shape that you find comfortable and easiest to use.
  • Ponchos and round scarves are especially flexible: before and after breastfeeding, you can wear them as a fashion accessory that doesn’t immediately show its function.
Additional functions
  • Some nursing shawls have pockets in which you can store pacifiers, handkerchiefs or similar small items.
  • Nursing clothes with an insert for nursing pads are also practical.
  • If you like to sit in the sun while breastfeeding, a nursing cloth with UV protection is recommended to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • A reinforced collar ensures that the eye contact between you and your baby is not interrupted during breastfeeding.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular nursing clothes.

Tip: Do you want your baby to sit at the table? Then we recommend a baby bouncer.

Latest Deals For Nursing Clothes

Here you will find a selection of current offers for nursing clothes.

SaleBestseller Nr. 2
Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Tank Top Women Maternity Tops Nursing for Breastfeeding Black L
Ekouaer Maternity Nursing Tank Top Women Maternity Tops Nursing for Breastfeeding Black L
【Garment care】: Hand wash and machine washable. Do not bleach. Hang dry.
$23.99 −17%
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
Bearsland Women's Maternity Sweater Clothes Nursing Sweatshirt Breastfeeding Hoodie With Pockets Gray
Bearsland Women's Maternity Sweater Clothes Nursing Sweatshirt Breastfeeding Hoodie With Pockets Gray
Fabric: 60% polyester + 35% cotton + 5% spandex,breathable and elastic.; Concealed zip cut-outs makes it easy to breastfeed and double pump.
$45.99 −22%
SaleBestseller Nr. 10
Smallshow 3 Pcs Maternity Nursing T-Shirt Nursing Tops White Stripe-Black-Grey Medium
Smallshow 3 Pcs Maternity Nursing T-Shirt Nursing Tops White Stripe-Black-Grey Medium
Featuring simple lift up nursing access at the front,double layer for easier nursing; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Love them or your money back warranty
$58.49 −49%

Tip: Pucksacks are especially recommended in the first months of life.

Nursing Cloth Advice

Which nursing cloth suits me?

A nursing cloth is a great help, especially when you’re on the go, because it not only provides privacy, but also offers you more support when breastfeeding your baby, depending on the product.

But there are many different nursing clothes with different advantages and disadvantages. Some are designed directly for breastfeeding and offer special comfort in this respect and others are at the same time multifunctional fashion accessory, so that they can always be easily taken along as a piece of clothing.

It is not so easy to choose a nursing cloth. Therefore, I would like to help you here to find out which breastfeeding cloth type you are. You only had to answer one small question.

Do you want a nursing cloth with a particularly good hold while breastfeeding or rather a multifunctional one for on the go?

If it is especially important to you that your nursing sheet is functional and provides good support during breastfeeding, then you are Type A. Type A also likes to use his nursing cloth at home instead of a nursing pillow. Type B uses the nursing cloth primarily on the go and prefers multifunctional clothes that also serve as a nice scarf, poncho or cover for the child’s seat, for example.

You want a nursing cloth with extra support during breastfeeding?

You are type A!

You want a functional nursing cloth that gives you and your baby extra support while breastfeeding and as much comfort as possible. This makes it a great breastfeeding aid not only on the go, but also at home. There is also space for nursing pads. For you, the HB Homeboat nursing cloth and the Mania nursing cloth are just right.

The HB Homeboat nursing sling

The HB Homeboat nursing cloth can be easily converted into a nursing apron. This and another cord at the back, it can not slip. In the collar there is a wire that you can bend to your liking, so that you can see your baby all the time and at the same time breastfeed protected from view. The insert for the nursing pad makes breastfeeding especially hygienic.

The delivery includes a practical bag for on the go. The HB Homeboat nursing cloth serves not only as a breastfeeding aid, but can also be used as a blanket or privacy screen for the stroller.

The nursing apron is made of 100% cotton and is available in different colors and patterns. It convinces with an unbeatable price and is a real nursing cloth recommendation.

The Mania nursing cloth

The Mania nursing cloth combines a beautiful, modern look with a well thought-out design, making it a perfect breastfeeding aid. For breastfeeding, it is folded over like a sash. Through an opening you can easily reach your baby with one hand. The head is covered by the nursing sling, so your baby is protected from light and noise and can fully concentrate on drinking.

A gathers in the lower part of the nursing cloth ensures the particularly good hold. The Mania nursing cloth also has a slot for nursing pads and thus ensures particularly hygienic breastfeeding.

But that is not all. When you don’t need it for breastfeeding, the Mania nursing cloth with its attractive design can be worn as a fashionable scarf.

The Mania nursing cloth is available in two sizes and is made of cotton. It is characterized by a particularly good workmanship and a thoughtful design.

You want a multifunctional nursing cloth for on the go?

You are type B!

What exactly do I mean by multifunctional? By this I mean a nursing cloth that not only serves as a privacy screen while breastfeeding, but can also be worn as an accessory or piece of clothing, or can be used as a cover for the stroller or child seat. From my recommendations, the YiCoo nursing cloth, the PinkMausi nursing cloth and the nursing cloth Allover by LÄSSIG are best suited for this.

The YiCoo nursing cloth

The YiCoo nursing cloth is the price-performance winner among my recommendations and can also be worn as a scarf or poncho. It is also suitable as a cover for the child seat, as a base for your baby or as a blanket. The YiCoo nursing cloth is a real all-rounder.

The nursing cloth is also opaque, breathable and wonderfully soft and comfortable on the skin. It is available in black, white and gray. The only drawback: unfortunately, there is no space for a nursing pad.

The PinkMausi nursing cloth

The PinkMausi nursing cloth is a bit more expensive than the YiCoo nursing cloth, but in my opinion it looks particularly elegant as a poncho and can also be worn as a scarf or used as a cover for the child’s seat. It is both practical and elegant, although the PinkMausi also has no insert for a nursing pad. But it impresses with particularly good quality, because it is made of pleasantly soft and breathable fabric, which has been certified according to Oeko-Tex.

The nursing cloth Allover

The nursing cloth Allover by LÄSSIG is characterized by its flexible button placket. Through the buttons, it can be transformed as a garment particularly arbitrary and yet always sits perfectly.

The fabric is easy to care for, breathable and wrinkle-resistant, which makes it also wonderfully suitable for taking along in the bag for on the go, if you don’t want to wear it as a fancy garment sometimes. The fabric also provides sufficient privacy for relaxed breastfeeding in public.

However, it should be noted that the cloth is only available in one size. But there is the breastfeeding cloth allover in different colors, so that certainly the right one for you is there.

Nursing Cloth Info

Why do I need a nursing sling?

When I’m out and about with my daughter Mila, I almost always have a nursing cloth with me as a privacy shield. Especially when I have a coffee or tea date with friends, I prefer to talk to them without distracting them with the revelation of my breast. Who likes to show their breasts in public?

So a breastfeeding sling helps you keep breastfeeding private even in public with a nice privacy screen. But it also has a big advantage for babies. Babies like to be distracted while breastfeeding, especially if you want to breastfeed in a noisy place.

But a nursing cloth not only offers protection from light, but also muffles the noise, which incidentally also helps when falling asleep. A nursing cloth is therefore a practical little helper, which can also support you with a good hold during breastfeeding, or serve as a fashion accessory. So you see, nursing clothes are very versatile and actually always practical. They are also available very cheap, so I can warmly recommend the purchase of a nursing cloth to you.

What should I look for when buying a nursing cloth?

Before buying a nursing sling, you should carefully consider which form and function is right for you. Some nursing clothes are especially designed for breastfeeding, others can also be used as a great piece of clothing, accessory or cover for the child’s seat or stroller.

Practical is in any case a slot for nursing pads, so you always have some ready when your baby is hungry. You should also pay attention to the size of the nursing cloth, especially if it can also be worn as a poncho. Because many nursing clothes are only available in one size. Inform yourself before buying best about the dimensions, so that it is not too big or too small for you.

Next important is the fabric. Choose a material that you find comfortable on the skin and that is as easy to clean as possible, because nursing clothes quickly get a little milk. The fabric should also be opaque, so that the nursing cloth can fulfill its main function as a privacy screen.

This allows you to breastfeed discreetly in public and also protects your baby from distractions such as light and noise. Many babies also fall asleep better after breastfeeding if they lie safely under the nursing sheet. There are also nursing blankets with great features, such as pockets or with UV protection. So think very carefully about where you want to use the nursing cloth primarily and what is important to you. If you consider these aspects, you are guaranteed to find the right nursing cloth for you and your baby.

FAQ About Nursing Clothes

How do you use a nursing sling?

A nursing sling is tied around the neck and over one shoulder. You put your baby inside to breastfeed and no one can see it from the outside.

What is a nursing sling?

With the help of a nursing cloth, the area of breastfeeding can be covered so that not everything is visible to other people.

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