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Philips Avent SCD290/01 Natural Baby Bottles – Guidebook

Philips Avent SCD290/01 Natural Baby Bottles – Guidebook

Philips Avent baby bottles are well designed and the set even includes a handy cleaning brush. The downside, however, is that the milk storage cap is not included.

Philips Avent SCD290/01 Naturnah Baby Bottles

The Philips newborn set consists of four bottles, two times 125 ml and two times 260 ml, two different teats, a soother, and a bottle and teat brush. Due to the large scope of delivery, the Philips newborn set guarantees an easy and flexible combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding, or just the latter.

The teat is particularly soft and flexible due to the integrated comfort cushion. The shape is based on the breast for particularly natural drinking, preventing suction confusion when combined with breastfeeding.

Thanks to the innovative double valve, colic is prevented and the baby’s stomach is protected. The ergonomic shape ensures maximum comfort and easy holding from any direction.

The specially shaped bottle and teat brush also makes cleaning particularly easy and hygienic.

Product Details

  • Material: bottle: plastic; nipple: silicone; BPA free
  • Filling quantity: 2 x 125 ml, 2 x 260 ml
  • breast-like teat
  • ergonomic shape
  • Comfort cushion in the teat for more flexibility
  • Anti-colic system (double valve)
  • compatible with other Philips Avent products
  • easy cleaning
  • Includes: 2 Naturnah baby bottles 125 ml, 2 Naturnah bottles 260 ml, 1 teat for newborn with one hole, 1 teat with two holes for slow milk flow, 1 bottle and teat brush, 1 soother (0-3 months)


✅ flexible suction cup

✅ slow milk flow

✅ wide bottle neck

✅ easy cleaning

✅ BPA free

✅ different bottle sizes

✅ brush included

✅ pacifier included


❌ Closure lids are not included in the scope of delivery

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