The Appropriate Gifts For Confirmation

It’s not long until the confirmation party and you are looking for the right gift for your confirmand. Often girls or boys are asked what they want, but a concrete answer is sometimes missing. Learn in this article what is traditionally given for confirmation and what alternative gift ideas there are.

Confirmation: Acceptance Into The Christian Community

Confirmation is a solemn blessing service in which young people profess their Christian faith christian faith. The confirmands confirm their acceptance into the Christian congregation into the Christian community, which has previously taken place with baptism, usually in infancy in infancy.

At the age of 14, the young people have reached the age of religious maturity and are thus granted all rights within the Protestant church. The girls and boys prepare for confirmation in confirmation classes.

Gifts For Confirmation: What Should You Look Out For?

As a rule, the Confirmation is usually celebrated with family and friends. Even if the gifts should not be the main focus, they are part of the confirmation celebration part of it. The gifts for the confirmation make the day for the confirmands to something something very special.

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Above all, the gifts for confirmation should be personal and express your relationship with the confirmed. Through a special, creative gift wrapping or a handwritten card, you can give the gift an individual touch and convey your appreciation.

Why money as a gift for Why money is particularly suitable as a gift for confirmation and what alternatives there are, you can from the following gift ideas for confirmation.

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Confirmation Gifts: What Can You Give A Boy Or Girl For Confirmation?

Often, confirmands want money to fulfill their own wishes. They may be saving up for something or planning an endeavor. Gifts of money are very popular and are always well received. Often this money is then put aside for the driver’s license a few years later.

But a personal gift simply looks more original and the confirmand has a concrete memory of this important day in his life even later. Which gifts you choose for the confirmation is ultimately up to you.

Traditional Gifts For Confirmation

  • a new era begins and the Wristwatch to the confirmation is to clarify this important step.
  • Jewelry like Necklace, bracelet or earrings.
  • Cross necklace describes the three divine virtues: Faith, Hope, Love; has a high commemorative Commemorative value and is a gift that remains.
  • Angel wings or Guardian angel: personal companion and lucky charm as a sign of peace, love and friendship.
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Religious Gifts For Confirmation

  • Prayer book with different prayer sayings.
  • Christian scripture collection, e.g. Bible.

Confirmation Gifts: Money

Most young people will be very happy to receive a gift of money, since they have many wishes have many wishes. Therefore, in addition to a personal gift, they are guaranteed to be happy about cash.

So that the bill is not simply transmitted so lovelessly, you can this individually designed and thematically integrated. For example, you can hand over the financial support for the first mobile vehicle with a small Matchbox car or the 50-euro bill for the trip to Paris with a puzzle bearing the Eiffel Tower motif.

Confirmation Gifts: Technical Devices

  • Cell phone
  • Headphones
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • TV set
  • Playstation
  • Camera
  • Musical instrument

Gifts For Confirmation: Hobby

  • Bicycle
  • Skateboard
  • Books
  • Make-up
  • Clothes

Gifts For Confirmation: Vouchers For Activities

With this gift idea you can you can give the confirmands a memory for eternity. And maybe for a common activity.

  • Music Enthusiast Confirmands Concert tickets (favorite band or artist).
  • Sports enthusiastic confirmands Tickets to the soccer, basketball or ice hockey game (favorite club/favorite team).
  • Television enthusiastic confirmands: Audience shows.
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Confirmation Gifts: Travel Voucher

With a travel voucher, your confirmand gets the chance to explore the world. Since a city trip is already quite a gift, you might want to get some other guests on board. This confirmation gift is guaranteed to leave lots of great memories.

Confirmation Gifts: Adventure Vouchers

  • Trampoline arena
  • Climbing forest
  • Kart driving
  • Paintball
  • Escape Room
  • Jet ski race
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Helicopter flight

Confirmation Gifts: Helpful Projects

  • as a sign for eternity: together watch one Tree planting or one Tree sponsorship take over.
  • special gift for animal-loving confirmands Animal sponsorship with photos of the godfather animal and certificate in the name of the presentee.
  • Sponsorship for a Child in a developing country.
  • confirmands who are interested in and aware of nature One square meter of rainforest The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers a certificate for as little as 20 euros.

Gifts For Confirmation: Personal Gifts

Perhaps it is also meaningful to give time instead of stuff. In our hectic everyday lives, time has become a damn valuable commodity. And therefore it’s also a great gift. Such a Time gift can take all kinds of forms. The most important thing is that the time belongs only you and the confirmand.

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In addition, you could Confirmation album design. So your confirmand gets a lasting souvenir of the confirmation celebration. You can record the best impressions of this great day for your confirmand in a very personal confirmation album with, for example, the guest list, gifts, sayings and the good wishes of the guests.

Thank You To The Guests: Small Gifts At Confirmation

A nice way to thank guests for attending and congratulating you is to give small gifts to the confirmand at the confirmation. The small guest gifts can also be placed at the place at the table or integrated into the table decorations.

The following suggestions are usual gifts for guests at a confirmation:

  • small bag of homemade pastries
  • Chocolates
  • Small cloth bag with candies
  • small potted flower
  • small bottle of wine or prosecco

Additionally the Confirmand should write a nice sentence or a saying on a small card, which can then be attached to the small gift for the guests. In this Text the confirmand can wish the guests a nice celebration and thank them thank them.


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