What Children Should Know About Kissing

When you are in love and you like each other, you give each other kisses from time to time. A peck on the cheek is a tender sign that you care about each other. Not only freshly in love like to kiss. Moms and dads who have been together for a long time also kiss each other all the time. In this way, they show each other that they still love each other. So a greeting kiss after work means “Hello, glad you’re around!”

Most kids exchange kisses with their parents and grandparents. This is also completely normal. Basically, kissing is always okay if you feel good about it and you both don’t violate the Youth Protection Act in the process. Today we explain everything you need to know about kissing.

Why Do People Kiss Each Other?

For us, kissing seems somehow natural. It’s so ingrained in us that we don’t usually ask ourselves what it’s all for. If we take a look at it, however, it is a very exciting topic. So far, we are not quite sure what the reason for this kind of affection is. Scientists are still wondering why we feel so good when we kiss each other.

One reason could be that people “kiss” things and people as early as babyhood in order to sense them. They want to taste their environment and perceive many things by “feeling” them with their mouths. Kissing in adolescence and adulthood could remind us of this time and therefore give us pleasant feelings.

On the other hand, it could have to do with the fact that some animal species as well as African ethnic groups feed their young with their mouths. So, the kiss might have originated because this is how mothers pass food to their children.

What Happens During Kissing

Besides the belly tingling sensation, we experience other feelings when we kiss each other. This is mainly because happiness hormones are released in the body during kissing. They lead to an increased pulse and accelerate breathing. The happiness and relationship hormone oxytocin is released and gives lovers the feeling of belonging to each other. So a kiss has a strengthening effect on the couple relationship.

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Just before and during kissing, we actually breathe three times (!) faster than usual. We use up to 34 facial muscles at the same time. This is a real workout for our facial muscles and prevents small wrinkles.

Kissing also strengthens the immune system. This is because the partner’s bacteria strengthen our own body’s defenses.

Are Children Allowed To Kiss Each Other?

Sure. It’s nice to kiss each other. Adults do it every day. Children are also allowed to do it when they are in love. Because they also have the need to exchange affection. But this is only okay if both want it and are about the same age. You should agree on what you do and do not do together. As soon as something goes too far, you have to talk about it honestly. If you are persuaded to do it or if it is a kind of dare, then it is not okay.

In addition, you must not put the other person under pressure or push him or her into it. If a 12-year-old kisses a 17-year-old, that’s not okay either. Because: If one of the two is much older or even already an adult, there can be problems. In that case, parents or teachers may ask why the kiss happened.

Younger kids sometimes need to be protected from the wishes of older ones. In an emergency, they can hardly defend themselves if they are forced to do something. That’s why the law states that kissing is forbidden if one of the two is already over 18 and the other is under 16. This is to prevent kids from getting into situations that are unpleasant or even dangerous for them. Of course, this does not apply to family kisses between a child and mom or dad or other family members.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is much older than you? You can’t be angry with your parents if they are concerned about your safety. It’s obvious that you should be careful in these situations. Because older kids have needs that may not have awakened in you yet. Your parents want to protect you from being forced to do something. They also don’t want you to grow up too fast and only do things that are normal for your age.

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Unwanted Smacking From Aunts And Uncles

Many kids are kissed exuberantly and sometimes wetly by some family members. At the same time, no one asks them if they even want that. But firstly, they don’t dare say anything against an adult and secondly, it usually happens far too quickly for them to object. In addition, they are often family members who occasionally put some money or sweets in your hand and mean it especially well with you.

Still, it’s your right to let them know if you don’t want a wet smack from a person. Explain that you’d rather be squeezed or petted, for example. In order not to offend anyone, you can say that it is not the person’s fault, but that you do not like smacking. If you can get the message across with a wink and a dose of honesty, no one will be angry with you.

The First Kiss

Everyone knows how to give another person a little kiss. But if this kiss is the result of love or lust, that’s something completely different. It can’t be compared with the smacks in the family circle. Especially when a passionate kiss is in the offing, you don’t want to embarrass yourself as a young person.

Because this opportunity is something completely new that you can hardly “practice” beforehand. Only when the time comes do you know how a French kiss feels.

But it’s precisely this tension that makes the first kiss so great. Because you’re already eagerly waiting to see what it’s going to be like. You look forward to it with tingling in your stomach and feelings of happiness.

Sometimes, however, the first kiss comes quite unexpectedly. Like any new experience, it brings a lot of excitement. This new challenge gives you a real rush of emotions. Whether you expect the first kiss or it comes as a surprise, everyone kisses differently! All people have preferences and different habits in this regard. It doesn’t always feel pleasant the way the other person kisses. That is only natural. But sometimes you can learn with and from each other by being good to each other.

In any case, you don’t have to be an expert to be a good kisser for the first time.

How People Kiss Around The World

All over the world, the kiss is a daily proof of love for newly in love and long-term couples. Here you can find out how people kiss in different countries and what the customs are.

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The French claim to be the inventors of the French kiss. This tenderness is not called “French Kiss” for nothing, is it? Statistically, hardly any nation kisses as much as the French. Girlfriends also kiss each other (“kiss right, kiss left”) particularly often here as a greeting.

Papua New Guinea

One tribe in this country has a habit that is almost funny to us. Lovers nibble each other’s eyelashes here. Here, short eyelashes stand for wealth and status. In Papua New Guinea, however, kissing can sometimes become quite passionate. The natives suck and bite each other’s lips and tongues until blood flows. Weird, isn’t it?

Central Europe And The Kiss Of The Hand

In Vienna, it used to be the custom to tenderly touch ladies with a kiss on the hand. This kind of kiss shows admiration and appreciation. However, only married and widowed women were actually kissed on the hand. Unmarried ladies merely receive a hand kiss breathed into the air. When thinking about it, one feels transported back to an old love movie. Because there is something very romantic about the careful kiss on the hand.

Basically, Europeans kiss no matter where they are. Even in public, people kiss without being ashamed of it. So we are much more open in this respect than the Asians.


Some scientists are of the opinion that kissing originated in India. That this could really be so can be seen today in the ancient Indian sculptures that depict kissing figuratively. In addition, there are sacred Indian texts in which kissing is mentioned. The most famous erotic book in the world (the Kama Sutra) also comes from India. In this book, adults can also find tips on kissing.

The Indians see something very religious in the kiss. It represents the union of the male and female power of our universe. Nevertheless, Indians rarely kiss in public. This is because doing such a thing in public is still taboo in India. Have you ever noticed that not even the actors in Indian Bollywood movies kiss each other?

From this point of view, Indians have quite a contradictory relationship with kissing.

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The Greeks love to kiss. Thus, kissing already plays a major role in the ancient writings of the Greek philosophers. Not only in ancient Greece, but also in modern Greece, the Greeks appreciate kissing. Because even today they use one and the same word for kissing and loving.

The Far North

Surely you know the kiss of the Inuit (“Eskimos”). They gently rub their noses together. But with the Arctic inhabitants it is much less about this movement itself, but the smelling of the other. Thus, it is also quite common among the Inuit to place the upper lip and nose on the forehead of the beloved person while slowly inhaling. However, this gesture, which seems romantic, is used as a greeting for people whom one appreciates. Thus, it is not only for couples.

New Zealand

The Maori, who are the indigenous people of New Zealand, also love to rub their noses together. In this respect, they are very similar to the Inuit, although they live very far away from them.


It is common knowledge that there are some funny laws in the USA that don’t seem to make any sense. Of course, there are some age-old rules regarding kissing as well. For example, in the state of Colorado it is forbidden to kiss sleeping women, while in Maryland the law says that you can’t kiss for more than a second.


You already know that public kissing is frowned upon in India. This is also the case in the rest of Asia. That’s why kissing is a very intimate thing, especially for the Japanese. Therefore, there are hardly any kissing couples in public there as well.

In Muslim countries it is quite similar. Here, a man is not allowed to kiss his wife at all during the fasting month of Ramadan. This is strictly forbidden.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Are children allowed to kiss each other? Give reasons for your answer and write down everything you remembered from the text.

2) How do people kiss in other countries? Make a mind map about it. Compare with the person sitting next to you when you are done. Add what you feel is missing.

3) What happens in the body when you kiss? Find four meaningful keywords and write them down here.

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