Work Life Balance for the Work at Home Mom

Work Life Balance is a catch-all term these days. It is used so often and for all the wrong reasons, that it becomes meaningless. Except it is a pretty meaningful subject and something a lot of moms struggle with – especially moms who ware juggling work and family life.

Work Life Balance for the Work at Home Mom

Work Life Balance really means that you feel that you are not being fully present for all aspects of your life. A lot of people use the term to mean that they are just plain working too much and don’t have enough time for home or personal life.

Here are 10 tips to achieve worklife balance and help to fight the working moms guilt.

10 Tips for Finding Work Life Balance working from home

Work in a separate area of your home

Try to separate your work from your home life physically so that it is easier to disconnect at the end of the work day. Even if that means setting up a very small desk in a corner of another room, then it is still YOUR space.

Here are a few small desks that might work in any tight area:

MÜV Standing Wood Workstation in Gray

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Computer Armoire – love this because it closes up and looks like furniture.

Decorate your work space

Decorate your work space so that it is a place you want to be and spend time. Use colors and textures that match the rest of your house, while still maintaining an office quality.

Turn your photos into instant canvas prints with Easy Canvas Prints to update the look on your walls. Or add one of two small accent pieces to brighten up the whole space.

Work Life Balance for the Work at Home Mom

Dress the part

Don’t “go to work” in pajama pants and slippers. Dressing for your work day will energize you and start your day on a positive note. Choose a wardrobe that can easily be “work clothes” or “regular life” clothes to make you day a little easier.

Try checking out Stitch Fix if your wardrobe needs a little help. They helped me update my wardrobe since I have absolutely no time to shop on my own.

Minimize distractions

No TV, music, or internet browsing that can distract you from the things you need to get done. Personal hint: stay off Facebook. It sucks me in every time.

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Set a timer

Use a timer to stay focused on what you need to do. It is easy to lose track of time while in the middle of a project, but you need to stay on track to get your To Do list done. Here are a few options for timers you can try:

Presto Electronic Clock and Timer

Taylor Multi-Event Timer with Whiteboard

Have a “To Do” list

Speaking of a To Do list – make sure you have one. Here’s a pro tip: try multiple To Do lists. One list with the most important items that absolutely need to get done that day. Then have a rolling To Do list for everything else. Don’t merge your business and personal lists either – keep them separate.

Printable Goal Sheets

You can purchase our 12 monthly printable Goal Sheets to quickly get you started prioritizing.

Here are a few free printable to do lists also:

Valentine’s Day FREE Printable – Top 10 To Do List

Free Printable Prioritized To Do List

Pretty To Do List – Pink & Purple Ombre Printable

Micro-schedule your day

You know those day planners with all the hours of the day listed out? When I first saw those, I thought there was no way I could ever schedule my life down to the minute like that. But that’s what I mean by micro-scheduling. Schedule your day down to the hour – your business needs and also your family time and personal time. This alone will add more balance into your day.

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Work Life Balance for the Work at Home Mom

No chores please

Don’t mix business and chores. Stay focused on the task at hand, whether it is work OR chores. Keep them separate. It’s also never too soon to teach your kids to do chores. Get them to help around the house as soon as you can.

Take breaks

I have found that I don’t take the necessary breaks or down time during my work day when I am working from home. You need this time to stay motivated and positive, so try not to forget to take a break now and then.

Learn to say no

Lastly, learn to say “No.” You know how much you can handle and you know when a task is outside of that scope. Learn how to say “No” professionally and personally so you don’t take on more than you can deal with.

Bonus! Summer Sanity Savers

For even more Work at Home sanity tips, especially for the summer, read Summer Sanity Savers for the Work at Home Mom ebook by Prerna Malik. There are worksheets and menu planning and tons of tips to help you stay sane this summer.

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