10 Sentences That No Single Woman Can Hear Anymore

I am alone. Just me and my child. That’s not always easy. Especially when you hear the same sentences over and over again. You feel attacked, patronized, or not taken seriously.
But all you want is understanding for your situation.

1. “Enjoy The Time With Your Kids. They Grow Up So Fast”

I would like that, if there was enough time to enjoy it.
I am busy around the clock with the care of my child, frustrated and overwhelmed. I have too little relief to enjoy anything at all.
At most, I enjoy the time without a child, but you can’t say that.

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2. “Just Sleep Whenever The Child Sleeps Too”

Sure, and then I cook when the child also cooks and study for university when he also studies. If I always slept when my child slept, I wouldn’t get anything done. The idea is nice, but if I had the opportunity to sleep, I would take it. Wouldn’t I?

3. “And Where Is The Daddy?”

Geographically speaking, or what? Either way, he’s not there. This question comes up in countless variations, and really, it’s just annoying. The perhaps nicely meant small talk, makes you relive your feelings of disappointment.

4. “The Child Needs A Male Caregiver Too, Doesn’t He!”

Oh really? That’s news to me. And where am I supposed to get that? To laugh at someone, just so that my child has a male caregiver, that’s really not possible.
Of course, I would prefer a father who takes care of his child.
But he doesn’t and I can’t do anything about it.

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5. “Great, How You Manage Everything Alone!”

Do I have any other choice? I do everything that needs to be done, but most of the time there is always something left undone. My apartment looks like a tornado swept through my four walls just because I didn’t manage to clean up one day. I also don’t know if I’ll ever make it through my studies because I just don’t get to read.
I often feel like everything is just way too much for me.

6. “Let Me Know If You Need Help.”

Quite a nice phrase of chaperonage. I can count the number of people who really help me on one hand. A lot of them just say that. Or can I call you at night when my child doesn’t want to sleep right now?

7. “At Least You’re Not Alone”

I lament to you and you say that yes, I have my child. I know what you mean. It’s nice too. But even with a child by my side, I am alone. That’s exactly why I feel so alone. Because there’s no one there to help me cope with the challenges that come with it.

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8. “We Didn’t Ask You To Come With Us Because You Can’t Anyway”

Thank you, now I feel socially excluded as well. Banished to the fringes of society. I may not be able to find a babysitter, but I would still like to be asked. You really get a life crisis when you see on Instagram and co. how much fun everyone else is having, while you yourself are always sitting at home.

9. “I Couldn’t Do That”

No kidding. It’s nice. I feel the same way, except I don’t have a choice.

10. “I’m A Single Parent During The Week Too!”

No, you’re not! It’s a completely different thing whether you’re responsible for a child alone for a short time, or 24/7. You can’t coordinate with anyone, you can’t share worries, and you have to be ready all the time. There are no breaks, no taking turns, and no spontaneity And why? Because there’s no man to be home on weekends.

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