Why I’m Not Afraid To Breastfeed In Public

Your Kid’s First Cell Phone

Your Kid's First Cell Phone

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13 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Afraid To Breastfeed In Public”

  1. I used to be so nervous with my first baby that I think I never nursed in public, but with my second one I just didn’t care any more ! And it’s funny, because I was also wrote a post about it, and where I was analizing why as a society we get to be upset with public nursing 🙂 Personally I think it’s because of the oversexualization of women’s body, and because of the generation of never nursed people, not used to the sight. And it’s very cultural too. Because et the end, baby needs to eat 🙂

  2. I have been exclusively pumping since my son was born and he never took my breast. I think if he would have, I might have done it in public but would have tried to avoid it at all cost. I don’t frown upon it, I just don’t like being exposed to other’s and would do anything to avoid that. The moms that choose to do it are brave and I commend them! Although it is natural and shouldn’t be a big deal, it is and I couldn’t deal with the stares or mean comments.

  3. I was awful at breastfeeding in public with my son. It was hard enough just being a first time mom and figuring things out. With my second, I almost had to as we were out of the house so often. Having experience under my belt, it was a lot easier. Now she’s 9mo and I try not to because she gets so distracted. I prefer a cover for my own privacy & comfort, but she wants to pull it away and look around (plus de-latch while doing this). So I’m back to searching out a quiet, private spot (my car, dressing room in a store, nursing room if available, etc) for those “must feed” moments when we’re out and about.

  4. I do not breastfeed in public, but I am not against those that do. I just happen to be super organized(Im super OCD) and I breast pump so I always have a large supply of bottles at my disposal, but if my child was hungry I would in a heartbeat!

  5. I totally BF in public and have never had a bad experience with any stranger. When I started, I think I worried more about what someone might dare say to me, and I spent too much time worrying about a cover or being discreet. Now I know that the most discreet thing is to just get your kid on the boob! They’ll quiet down, be still, and if you focus on them you’ll be just fine.

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