When To Give The First Kids Cell Phone

[tps_header]When will you give the first kids cell phone to your children? It’s a question that modern parents need to ask themselves earlier and earlier in their kid’s lives.  We aren’t talking about play kids cell phone toys.  This is all about the real deal that offers them access to communication and social media in one simple device.

When do you offer a first kids cell phone to your children? This post tells you all you need to know about choosing your kids cell phone!

When To Give The First Kids Cell Phone

When should a kid get their first cell phone?

My daughters are still very young – 1 and 3 years old. But my 3-year-old knows how to use my iPhone almost as well as I do. It really makes me wonder when she will be ready for her own cell phone. Kids cell phone usage is off the charts already, so being prepared for my children wanting one for themselves is a must.

Something really interesting is that we use Skype and Google Hangouts so often with our extended family, that a regular voice only phone call just doesn’t cut it for my toddler. She constantly wants to see who we are talking to.

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Here is what other moms have to say about when to potentially introduce your children to a safe kids cell phone for regular use.

Advice and Stories from Real Moms

In Middle School

I got my twin tweens their own cell phones when they entered middle school, since they would sometimes be staying after school and would need to call for rides, etc. – Lauren from Mom Home Guide

Based on their maturity

I don’t think there’s a set age. I think maturity and responsibility should be the determining factors. – Donella from Wife.Mom.Geek.

Between 10 and 13

Between 10 and 13 but really depends on the situation. – Kristi from The Classy Chapter

When they can pay for it

Never. I survived without one into adulthood, so can they! Actually, I’ll probably give them one when they are responsible enough to keep track of it, use it appropriately, and pay for it themselves. – Valerie from Occasionally Crafty

It’s a safety issue

My 7, 6, and 4 year olds think they’re ready for their own phones. Ha! I will consider a basic phone when they hit middle school, which is much further away. At that age, though, I think of it as a safety issue and not for playing games. – Albion from AlbionGould.com

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Technology Agreement

All of our children receive their first phone when they enter middle school, because that’s when they start walking a longer distance and attending after school activities where they sometimes stay longer and need to get ahold of us. They pay for part of the phone fees with their allowance. Each child, along with us, signs a technology agreement. – Sara from SaraBorgstede.com

When do you offer a first kids cell phone to your children? This post tells you all you need to know about choosing your kids cell phone!

Thank you Moms!

This is just another example of choosing what is best for you and your family. With all the quick changes in technology and society, I think this is a question that will be changing rapidly.  Choosing a kids cell phone is never going to be an easy topic or subject regardless of your children and their ages.  It’s one more way to let them grow up, and for moms that can be tough.  These tips and thoughts can make it easier!

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