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Baby Vivo Playpen – Guidebook

Baby Vivo Playpen – Guidebook

Whether for a tea party or for the entire children’s birthday party, there is room for adults and several children in the Baby Vivo playpen!

Baby Vivo Playpen

The Baby Vivo playpen offers a cute child-friendly design and plenty of space. Even you as a parent can enjoy staying in it with your little one. There is also room for several children in the spacious grid. Since it does not have a bottom, it is recommended to buy a base. For this purpose, for example, this pretty puzzle foam mat.

Due to the practical plug-in system, the grid can be infinitely expanded with new side parts. Older children like to incorporate the model into their play and use it as a fence, demarcation, or building element. You can also use the playpen as boundaries in the house, for example, as a stair barrier.

Product Features

  • Large square: ca.215 x 215 x 69cm (LxWxH)
  • Infinitely expandable due to plug-in mechanism
  • Flexible model variant with simple construction
  • Rounded elements
  • Anti-slip stopper
  • Recommended age: from 5 months to 3 years
  • Depending on size between 75 and 140€
  • 3 slip rungs


✅ Infinitely expandable size

✅ Stable plastic

✅ 8 side lengths included

✅ Provides plenty of space

✅ Easy assembly with plug-in system

✅ Can also be used as barrier elements


❌ No floor

❌ Not suitable from birth

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