The Right Gifts For School Enrollment

An important day in your child’s life is coming up: school enrollment. This marks the beginning of a whole new phase in life with many challenges for you and your child. But first of all, the start of school should bring a lot of joy and prepare for an exciting time.

The day of the start of school is therefore usually associated with a celebration after school and you yourself and guests want to give your child gifts for the start of school.

Many wishes for the start of school should be transmitted and in addition to school bag and accessories you want to make the child happy. But which gifts for the first day of school are suitable?

Do the gifts have to fit thematically to the beginning of school? Or can you give whatever you want? Which gifts for the first day of school are particularly suitable for girls and boys?

Are there also gifts to make yourself? We would like to provide you with many ideas that you can also pass on to grandparents and relatives who are asking.

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Starting School: A Big Day

The start of school is especially exciting for you and your child. A whole new time is dawning for you. After an emotional farewell from kindergarten, you will have to adjust to a new environment, new children, new teachers and a new daily structure.

But this stage of your life will also bring new experiences, friendships, new knowledge and a lot of fun, which is why there is a lot to look forward to. The start of elementary school is therefore often celebrated with a small or large party.

In the morning, your child will be accompanied to school and ceremoniously welcomed. Grandparents, godparents and other important relatives should not be missing.

After the first school hours, a celebration is possible: a joint lunch, a coffee table or even a big party with many guests.

No matter which form of celebration you choose: Gifts for the start of school simply belong to it.

School Utensils As Gifts For The First Day Of School

A school bag, a sports bag and a pencil case belong to it anyway. Your child will get these before the start of school, after all, the things must be ready on the first day of school.

But surely there are still some small and big utensils, which your child can need in the school everyday life:

  • Lunch box
  • Drinking bottle
  • High quality pens
  • Timetable for home
  • Reflectors for the school bag
  • Wallet
  • Pendant for the school bag.
  • Fountain pen for the coming time.
  • Alarm clock to get up in the morning.
  • Desk for the children’s room.
  • Desk chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Letter board
  • Slide rule
  • Sports shoes for gym class
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Personalized Gifts For Starting School

Personalized back-to-school gifts are also especially nice. Children love to have their name or photo on a gift.

For the first day of school, there are many ways to give the child personalized gifts. The following ideas are especially nice:

  • Calculator chain with your own name. Beautiful and practical for learning.
  • Cup for the milk in the morning with name or photo.
  • Lunch box or water bottle with name or photo.
  • T-shirt with name or photo for gym class.
  • Pendant for the school bag with personal dedication.
  • Personalized book for the start of school with a nice story.
  • Cuddly pillow with beautiful text for the start of school.
  • A souvenir album for the start of school.

A Lucky Charm For The First Day Of School

Lucky charms are also very suitable as gifts for starting school. These are available in any form: as a small stuffed animal, as a silver pendant, as a stone, as a small angel for the pencil case.

A symbolic lucky charm can accompany your child to school every day and give him strength in difficult situations and show that he is not alone.

Lucky charms can be general or personalized with names. They can be attached to the pencil case or school bag and thus always be within reach and sight of your child.

Back-to-school Gifts: Educational Books And Games

Your child will have to learn a lot in the near future. Reading, writing, arithmetic and much more are on the timetable in the first years. But your child remains a child and would like to play.

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Beautiful learning books and learning games combine the necessary evil with the play instinct of your child. So exciting first reading books, board games with learning effect or learning materials that playfully encourage learning are suitable as gifts for starting school.

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Give Experiences For The First Day Of School

In addition to material things, you can also give experiences for the start of school.

At the age of starting school, children can already handle vouchers well and are happy about special experiences: a day in the climbing hall, a visit to Legoland, a cinema voucher, a trip to the go-kart track. The possibilities are endless.

Choose an experience that suits your child well or that he or she has perhaps wanted for a long time. The joy will certainly be great and the anticipation of the experience even more.

Make Your Own Gifts For The First Day Of School

Self-made gifts are a nice idea to individually convey the wishes for the first day of school. There are many handicrafts with which you can make children happy:

  • Photo book with the best photos from the years before school.
  • Pinboard for the children’s room with good wishes on it.
  • Timetable for the children’s room.
  • Greeting card with matching motif.
  • School cone filled with sweets.
  • Pencil cake made of many new, beautiful pencils.
  • Lucky charm made of beads, fabric or wool.
  • Pencil cup for the desk.
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Jewelry And Watches For The First Day Of School

A beautiful necklace, earrings, bracelet or watch. Jewelry is also a very nice gift for starting school. With the appropriate symbols or with an individual engraving, it can also be very personalized.

A chain with letters, a bracelet with name and date of enrollment, earrings in the shape of a school cone or a wristwatch with engraving on the back. The jewelry is especially interesting for girls, but a wristwatch will please you little boys.

Especially since the time now plays a greater role for children and learning to read the clock is imminent, this is a very appropriate gift for the start of school.

Other Beautiful Gifts For Starting School

In addition to the above categories, there are also other ideas that fit well for the start of school and will please your child:

  • Friends album for the new stage of life.
  • Money box with individual inscription.
  • Elementary school encyclopedia for reference.
  • Reading box to practice reading.
  • Paint box.
  • Clothes for the school days.
  • Books to read aloud or read by yourself.
  • Experimental or research kit.
  • Wall clock for the children’s room.
  • Cereal bowl or cutting board for breakfast.
  • Report card folder for collecting report cards.
  • Worry eater.
  • Cuddly toy.
  • Globe or children’s atlas.

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