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The 9 Best Playground Equipment – Guide

You want to build your own little playground in your garden? Then of course you need the right playground equipment. First of all, you should consider whether you have enough space to place the equipment in the garden or on the terrace. Also, you should choose equipment that is TÜV tested, so that the safety of your child is always guaranteed.

To help you find the right playground equipment, we have put together a suitable checklist for you. In our product recommendations, we show you concrete suggestions for the purchase.

Checklist For Playground Equipment

  • Playground equipment comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Some require a lot of floor space, while others are suitable for smaller facilities, gardens and terraces.
  • In addition, playground equipment differs for different age groups.
Popular Playground Equipment
  • Toddlers love sandboxes, slides and swings.
  • For babies, lattice swings are suitable, children from 3 can already use normal board swings.
  • Climbing towers, adventure tree houses and climbing walls appeal to children of different ages. These are also available as a combination in a large play equipment.
  • A trampoline is just as much fun for the little ones as it is for the older ones.
  • Seesaws are suitable for small and larger children.
  • Playground equipment made of plastic is usually more colorful, lighter and requires little maintenance, but plastic fades over time in sunlight.
  • Wood is more durable, but needs regular painting to withstand the elements.
  • If you choose wooden playground equipment, look for FSC certification for sustainable forestry.
  • Not all playground equipment is suitable for permanent outdoor use.
  • Metal elements such as screws must be made of rustproof material for outdoor use.
  • Climbing towers and swing frames must be firmly anchored to the ground so that they are stable and cannot tip over.
  • Other playground equipment is merely placed on the ground, but must still be tip-proof.
  • Here, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to secure each piece of playground equipment.
  • The ground should always be soft to prevent serious injuries in case of falls.
  • To ensure that children can play safely, you must also look out for test seals such as TÜV and GS. This is also where the pollutant content is tested.
  • EN standards 1176-1 to 7 regulate how playground equipment must be designed to ensure that it is safe for children and suitable for public use.
  • There are also additional legal requirementsfor playgrounds open to the public .
  • Enclosed playgrounds, for example, require two exits from a room depth of 2 meters.
  • Check the playground equipment for safety at regular intervals and carry out any necessary maintenance work immediately, even if the equipment is only used privately.

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The Best Sellers Of Playground Equipment

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular playground equipment for you.

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Current Offers Of Playground Equipment

Here you can find a collection of current offers on playground equipment.

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Lifetime Ace Flyer Airplane Teeter Totter - Primary Colors (151110)
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FAQ For Playground Equipment

What does a playground cost?

The cost of a public playground usually starts at about 5000 euros. Depending on the size, equipment and location, however, it can be significantly more expensive. If you are looking for playground equipment for your own garden, you will get there much cheaper. Good double swings, for example, are already available from 189 euros. We have listed the best playground equipment and summarized them in our guide.

Which playground equipment is suitable for the garden?

Which playground equipment is suitable for your garden depends mainly on the size of the garden. However, individual wishes and the age of the children are also important to consider. Swings and climbing frames, towers or houses are particularly popular. Whatever you choose, safety should always be guaranteed. Therefore, inform yourself well about the EU safety standards, care and maintenance, as well as the proper attachment of the playground equipment. We have collected the best and most popular playground equipment for you in our guide. The EN standards 1176-1 to 7 provide information on how exactly the equipment must be placed so that it may be used

How long does a swing have to dry after it has been set in concrete?

If you set a swing or other playground equipment in concrete, you should wait at least a week before using the equipment. Although the concrete seems dry before, but the use of playground equipment (especially swings) correspond to a fairly high stress, so you should play it safe. Overall, of course, should be guided by the manufacturer’s specifications.

What material does playground equipment have?

Playground equipment is often made of plastic and does not require special care. However, keep in mind that the colors fade over time. Wooden equipment, on the other hand, is very robust, but after a while it starts to weather. Therefore, you should paint these devices regularly.

What is popular playground equipment?

Children especially love climbing frames, swings, trampolines and sandboxes.

For what age is playground equipment suitable?

It depends on what kind of playground equipment you are talking about. A sandbox is suitable for younger children or even babies, provided they are supervised while playing. Climbing frames or swings, on the other hand, are suitable for children who are older and have more developed motor skills. Seesaws are usually suitable for both younger and older children.

When is a trampoline suitable for the garden?

A trampoline should be used from the age of 6 at the earliest, before that it is too dangerous. If you buy a trampoline, you should pay attention to high-quality materials and sufficient safety precautions. Always take into account the manufacturer and safety information, as well as the age recommendation.

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