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The Best Sellers Of Stilts For Children – Guidebook

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The Best Sellers Of Stilts For Children – Guidebook

Stilts are a great way for children to playfully train coordination, balance and equilibrium. They are suitable for children of any age.

Find out which model to choose, why height-adjustable stilts are advantageous and much more in our checklist. We have summarized a selection of great stilts in our product recommendations.

The Bestsellers Of Stilts For Children

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular stilts for children for you.

Checklist for stilts

Checklist for stilts

Age Recommendation
  • Stilts should only be used for the age recommended by the manufacturer, which varies from stilts to stilts.
  • Basically, stilts should only be used from the age of 7 . Young children in particular should always be under supervision while using stilts.
  • In addition to the age recommendation, the maximum load must also be taken into account. Children’s stilts are designed for 60 kg , adult stilts for up to 120 kg .
  • Height-adjustable stilts are recommended, as this allows the stilts to “grow” with the child.
  • Depending on the model, there are 3 to 13 adjustable steps in heights from 30 to 70 cm.
  • Most stilts are made of wood . Here you should pay attention to a good quality, because splintering wood can lead to injuries.
  • Some stilts are made of metal, which is more robust and easy to maintain, but not as comfortable as wood.
  • There are often small stoppers made of plastic under the stilts to ensure a safe stand.

We have collected the best and most interesting stilts for children.

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Current Offers Of Stilts For Children

You can find the best current offers on stilts for kids in this list.

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FAQ For Stilts

Which stilts for children?
Which stilts are suitable for children depends on their age (usually not before 7 years) and body weight. Overall, you should consider the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as safety information. It is important not to exceed the maximum load. Since children are still growing, variants that are adjustable in height are particularly suitable. We have selected the best stilts for children and summarized them in our guide.

How tall do stilts need to be?
The size of the stilts should always be adapted to the size of the child. Height-adjustable stilts are therefore a good option if you are not sure what size is needed.

What are stilts?
Stilts are a play equipment, which extends the legs by two extensions of the lower legs. Most often they are controlled by an extension with the arms.

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