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The 8 Best Giant Soap Bubbles – Guidebook

Giant soap bubbles are a great upgrade to regular soap bubbles because they are bigger and therefore even more impressive. Some skill is needed to make a giant bubble, so it’s a great activity to do with family and friends.

You can find all the important information about giant soap bubbles in our checklist. We have summarized a selection of great giant bubble sets in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Giant Bubbles

Composition and Material
  • Even if a few splashes of soap suds are harmless to health, you should pay attention to the composition of the product. Toxic surfactants must not be included. Safe soap suds carry the chemical and bacteriological safety certificate, recognizable by the CE test seal.
  • If the soap suds run low, many parents make their own soap suds from water and washing-up liquid. For health reasons, however, it is better to buy suds specially made for bubbles .
  • The bubble wands should also be made of materials that are safe for health. Cheap products are mostly made of plastic, which contains toxic plasticizers. High-quality wands are made of hard plastic, wood or stainless steel. Here, the GS seal for tested safety provides information about the quality.
  • Let your child use the bubbles only under supervision. Always avoid skin contact with the soap suds and make sure that your child does not get the suds in his or her eyes. After use, be sure to wash your child’s face and hands.
  • Pay attention to the age rating of the soap bubbles. Basically, giant soap bubbles are suitable for children from 6 years, but some manufacturers release their products only from 8 years.
  • Some manufacturers offer colorful powder for the soap suds, which makes the bubbles shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow .
  • Bubbles can enhance your child’s motor skills and creativity. So it’s best to choose a product with bubble wands in different designs. This way, your child can try out as he or she pleases.
  • Choose a bubble set with different bubble wands. This way, bubbles of different sizes can be created. The longer the string on the bubble wand, the bigger the bubble. Some wands also ensure that you get several bubbles at once.
  • It is easier with a stick with a folding mechanism. If you unfold it, a stable triangle is created, with which the soap bubbles can be formed.
  • Some sets also include bubble guns that allow you to produce many bubbles at once.

We have compiled the best and most interesting giant bubbles.

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The Best Sellers Of Giant Soap Bubbles

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular giant soap bubbles for you.

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Current Offers Of Giant Soap Bubbles

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FAQ About Giant Soap Bubbles

How do I make giant soap bubbles?

Giant soap bubbles require a stick with a large round head. This is dipped into a soap suds, then by blowing carefully to create a large soap bubble. As the size increases, so does the difficulty of ensuring that the soap bubble does not burst.

Which strings for giant soap bubbles?

For giant soap bubbles are best suited crochet yarn or knitting wool made of cotton. Care should be taken to ensure that the strings are free of harmful substances.

What makes a soap bubble stable?

If you add some corn syrup to the soap suds, the sugar contained in the corn syrup makes the bubble more stable because the water molecules are held together better.

How can you make bubble water yourself?

Bubble water for stable bubbles consists of 300 ml of distilled water, 100 ml of washing-up liquid and some corn syrup. If you don’t have corn syrup at home, regular sugar will do.

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