The Most Beautiful Baptism Songs: Great Songs To Sing Along To

Music and baptismal songs, along with baptismal sayings, are particularly suitable for giving space to the many different feelings and for setting the mood for the celebration. At the same time, songs for baptism as congregational singing provide a livening up of the service. So that the selection of suitable songs does not become a torture, you will learn here useful tips about classic and modern baptismal songs and receive suggestions for the arrangement of the songs in the service

Of course, a baptism is always planned together with the priest or the pastor. The church staff are usually professionals, so you do not have to make the baptism and song selection alone. Nevertheless, a good preparation for the conversation can help you to state more clearly what is wanted and desired. In this way, a beautiful occasion becomes a worthy celebration that will be joyfully remembered!

Type Of Service For The Selection Of Baptismal Songs

After the decision about a baptism has been considered and made, it is important to clarify in principle in what form the baptism should take place. A baptism can:

  • 1. be celebrated as part of the Sunday service/Mass
  • 2. be celebrated as part of the wedding or confirmation service
  • 3. or be celebrated as a separate baptismal service

Songs For Baptism As Part Of An Overall Worship Theme

The choice of the form of service has a decisive influence on the number and selection of songs. If the baptism is a part of a superordinate service theme, as in points 1 and 2, it is advisable to choose no more than 2-3 songs for the baptism

Usually 1 – 2 baptismal songs are sung immediately before the baptism to introduce and set the mood. For the song after the baptism, it is best to prefer a song that has thanksgiving, praise of God, blessing or good wishes as its theme

So kann die Taufhandlung nachklingen und es wird in den weiteren Gottesdienstverlauf übergeleitet. Generell können an dieser Stelle einzelne Lieder zur Taufe als Vortragsstück von CD oder von Musikern eingebaut werden. Diese ersetzten dann den Gemeindegesang und geben einem Moment der Besinnung Raum.

Baptism Service As A Separate Event

A baptism in a separate baptismal service offers more scope for design. Besides the individual time, usually only the invited guests are present. Since baptism is the sole theme of the service, 3-5 baptismal songs can be chosen and used

Do you already have a great baptism card?

In this case, it is advisable to choose a song for the opening part that does not necessarily have to do with the theme of baptism. This helps the guests to arrive at the service and to get in the mood

Even the last song does not have to be directly related to baptism and can be a seasonal song, e.g. “Geh aus mein Herz und suche Freud” (Go out and seek joy) or a general song of praise, e.g. “Großer Gott wir loben Dich” (Great God we praise you)

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Singing Baptismal Songs Together

Another basic decision is whether you want to sing the baptismal songs yourselves or whether you want to incorporate the songs as recital pieces.
Although singing outside the shower may have become a rarity, there is much to be said for including at least a few baptismal songs as congregational singing

The main reason is provided by the amygdala in the center of the brain. It is now scientifically researched that this area of the brain is positively stimulated by singing and that stress and excitement are reduced by singing

Another reason is that your guests remain actively involved through songs for the baptism and do not sink into a pure spectator role. This practically promotes attention and strengthens the sense of community

The idea of community provides the next reason for self-sung songs for baptism: Even the biggest singing muffle can dive into the songs sung together and hum along quietly without feeling exposed. A great strength of a baptism in a Sunday service/Mass comes into play here: usually you have significantly more congregationally-sung worshipers on board.

Recited Baptismal Songs In The Service

Performed songs are a good choice in any case where the baptismal congregation is very small. Basically, a good mix of songs sung by the congregation for baptism and pieces as hymn recitals can make a nice mix

In the meantime, there are settings and chants of almost every baptismal song to be found on YouTube, because not everyone can or wants to hire additional professional musicians to do the singing. However, the legal usability of YouTube has to be clarified separately, because every church service is a public event

But maybe you have very musical friends or family members who like to perform a baptismal song? This is usually very beautiful and touching. In addition to the intercessions at a baptism, relatives can participate wonderfully at this point

The decision about the integration of recitals from CD or own musicians is always up to the respective church congregation and must therefore be discussed in advance

Classically, it is customary that the songs for the baptism are sung by the baptismal party. They are accompanied by the organ or a piano, which does not involve any extra costs.

Baptismal Songs From Different Hymnals

The abundance of baptismal songs is very large. There are general classics, modern rewritings on well-known church melodies, denominationally bound baptismal songs, or completely modern new compositions that cannot be found in any hymnal. A beautiful baptismal song is also a popular baptismal gift

The classic, denominational hymnals are the “Evangelisches Gesangbuch” (EG) and the “Gotteslob” (catholic – abbreviation GL). However, since there are also many other official hymnals that contain beautiful baptismal songs or some baptismal songs are not available printed anywhere, this article will work only with the titles of the baptismal songs

Discuss Availability Of Songs For Baptism

Although baptism is mutually recognized by the major Christian churches, so that one can actually speak only of Christian baptism, nevertheless, the individual hymnals differ from each other in the songs for baptism

Therefore, when choosing the songs, you should discuss with the church staff whether your desired pieces are printed at all. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant surprises in the service.

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You can easily check here which songs are printed under which number in the two classic congregational hymnals of the Catholic and Protestant churches.

Include Songs For The Baptism That Are Not Printed In The Classic Hymnals

In general, individual songs can simply be printed out as an insert and distributed with the respective standard hymnal. This variant may even be prepared by the church staff, so that you are spared the search for the text and sheet music to the baptismal songs.

A complete songbook for the service with the order of events and the text and notes of the songs for the baptism is of course very practical and a nice souvenir for later. However, these individual songbooks usually have to be created by the baptismal family themselves

The time required for this should not be underestimated. Again, always ask in your circle of friends or family if someone would do it. Some baptism guests are happy to make a contribution that is not as visible as the intercessions for the baptism.

Modern and elegant is a separate PowerPoint with the respective songs of the service. Some parishes have the necessary equipment for this. In the best case, you have someone in the family who is happy to contribute here

Selection Of Beautiful Baptismal Songs

For legal reasons, the complete song texts cannot be presented here. However, the texts of the songs from the Protestant hymnal and the Catholic Gotteslob are available online

For other songs, it is worthwhile to search for the titles in order to then read the entire text. To familiarize yourself with the melodies, YouTube can help you. Many songs for the baptism have play-in versions to listen to and get to know, although the quality varies greatly

Even well-known Internet artists such as the professional singer Lila from Munich has posted a whole playlist of baptismal songs.

Traditional Songs For Baptism

The classic baptism songs can be found in the two standard hymnals of the churches. Here is a selection:

With immediate baptismal reference in the text, best sung before baptism:

  • Christ our Lord came to the Jordan
  • Oh dear Lord Jesus Christ, who became a little child
  • God the Father, hear our petition
  • Dearest Jesus, we are here (beautiful melody + text)
  • We bring, God, this child to you

With baptismal reference following the act of baptism:

  • I am baptized in your name
  • You who are baptized into Christ
  • I am baptized and consecrated to God
  • My baptismal covenant shall always stand firm
  • Child you are entrusted to us (lively, but with only 2 verses quite short)

Songs for baptism without immediate reference to baptism, best before baptism:

  • Dearest Jesus, we are here
  • You have called us Lord and that is why we are here
  • Open for me the beautiful gate
  • Praise the Lord, the mighty King of Glory

Without direct baptismal reference best after baptism:

  • I would like someone to go with me
  • Seek, whoever will, another destination
  • Now our hearts belong entirely to the man of Golgotha
  • Now give thanks to God
  • Rays break many
  • I praise my God
  • Jesu, go ahead
  • A ship that calls itself a church
  • Bless Mary
  • From the rising of the sun (canon)
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Modern Baptismal Songs

What is considered modern is certainly perceived differently and, above all, viewed differently in the church context. Here you will find baptismal hymns that have not yet found their way into the two classic hymnals of the Protestant and Catholic churches, but remain in the form of church music.

Best before the baptism:

  • Into the water falls a stone
  • I wish that very much (canon)
  • He holds the whole world in his hand (beautiful song for children – with movements)
  • I praise my God, who brings me from the depths, so that I am free
  • Water from heaven

After the act of baptism:

  • Never forget
  • Lord, we ask: Come and bless us
  • All buds spring up
  • My time is in your hands
  • Stand by me good God
  • Where people forget each other (Heaven and earth touch)
  • Ubi caritas (song from Taizé – very quiet and contemplative)
  • Bless this child (printed in GL)
  • Where a person gives trust

Baptismal Hymns With Transcriptions To Well-known Melodies

One of the most popular baptismal hymns is the adaptation to the catchy melody of the hymn “Thank you, for this good morning”. There are two different versions of this song, which we present to you here and which are best suited after the baptismal ceremony or even at the end of the service:

1. Faith, that is the power of good,
faith withstands all evil.
Faith gives us the strength to live,
leads us hand in hand.

2. Every person needs hope to live,
hope that our God gives us.
Hope he holds ready for everyone
who loves from the heart.

3. Love leads you to all peaks,
love brings you through every valley.
Love, given to you today by God,
carries you always.

Thanksgiving song with 3 verses by F. Maibaum from 1998:

Baptismal sayings Protestant or baptismal sayings Catholic, which have the theme of faith, hope or love, find in this rephrasing an optimal complement! Especially popular are baptismal sayings evangelical and baptismal sayings catholic with this theme, which refer to the biblical passage from 1 Cor 13:13.

1. Thank you for this new life,
thank you for each little child.
Thank you that his dear parents
are happy and joy ful.

2. Thank you for every noise, romp, thank you for
every fresh cry, thank you for

every bright laugh,
God is there.

3. Thank you, even if it sometimes makes trouble, thank you,
even sleep is disturbed,
thank you, that despite some worries, it
now belongs to us.

4. Thank you, in the circle of all children, thank you that
we are together, thank you,

we give thanks with the parents
for this` little child.

5. Thank you, my God, for your closeness, thank you for
every good word.
Thank you that your hand
wants to guide us in
every place.

6. Thank you for the gift of baptism, thank you for being
with us now,
thank you for your good blessing that
you do not forget.

Author unknown

By the way, the song of thanks is an excellent inspiration for the formulation of intercessions at the baptism! Likewise, the individual intercessions at the baptism can be combined with these song verses, so that each of the intercessions at the baptism is followed by a sung verse. This really loosens up the intercessions at a baptism and works beautifully!

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Another beautiful adaptation of the well-known hymn “Weißt Du, wieviel Sternlein stehen” is the song “Kind, wir beten für dein Leben” (Child, we pray for your life ) by an unknown person:

1. Child, we pray for your life
and we wish you much time.
May God give you faith for
all eternity.

Learn to laugh, learn to cry;
God keep all His own,
stay with blessing upon you,
stay with blessing upon you.

2. Child, we sing for your life
and we wish you much strength.
May God give you hope that
always creates new strength.

Learn to feel, learn to think;
God will give you baptism,

dwells in the heart also with you,
dwells in the heart also with you.

3. Child, we thank you for your life
and we wish you much courage.
May God give you love
under his good hat.

Learn to love and forgive,
learn to experience your world.

Jesus Christ goes with you,
Jesus Christ goes with you

Author unknown

Here, too, are beautiful suggestions for formulating your own intercessions for baptism!

Already Cat Stevens has recorded the song “Morgenlicht leuchtet” (Morning has broken), so that this melody will sound especially in the ears of older semesters. Unknown’s rewrite as a baptismal song is called “Menschenkind, Wunder” and is beautiful and touching. It is especially suitable as a lead-in to baptism:

1. Human child, wonder, hear your name as
we baptize you in God’s light.
Feel God’s blessing, feel our love;
learn to live, clearly and lightly.

2. Son of man, blessing, hear our voices, when we baptize
you, because God called you.
Feel his grace, feel our hands; Learn to
love, grateful and deep.

3. Man-child, life, hear God’s instruction,
When we baptize you in his Spirit.
Feel his goodness, Feel his faithfulness,
Learn to believe what he promises.

Author unknown

The re-phrasing as a baptismal version of the well-known song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen is more suitable as a recital piece, as it is very challenging to sing along with. Here is an example.

Baptism Songs With Modern Melodies And Lyrics

Besides these songs for baptism, modern artists have also dealt with baptism. These songs for baptism are very beautiful, but fit mainly as a recital piece or interlude. Here is a small selection:

  • “We wish you love” by Sunny Dale
  • “May angels accompany you” by Jürgen Grote
  • “By your side” by Sunny Dale
  • “Water under the keel” by Tim Linde
  • “My little apple tree” by Reinhard Mey

Personalization Through Intercessions For Baptism And Through Baptismal Songs

Nowadays it is possible to make a baptism celebration very individual. Baptismal sayings Protestant or baptismal sayings Catholic are not the only way to set your own accents

In addition to the intercessions at a baptism, heartfelt wishes for a child can also be expressed through the songs for baptism! We hope to offer you a comprehensive overview of baptismal songs with this article

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