Headaches During Pregnancy: What To Do?

A strong throbbing in the head, an unbearable painful pressure behind the temples, and that in pregnancy! Many expectant mothers suffer from headaches, especially in the first third of their pregnancy. The reason for this is usually the hormonal changes in the body. Stress, too little oxygen, fatigue, weather changes, and exhaustion can also lead to headaches during pregnancy. However, very few expectant mothers want to take medication against the painful twinge. Doctors do allow the use of paracetamol from time to time. But taking aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided. However, there are many natural ways to relieve headaches during pregnancy. Always discuss taking any medications with your doctor or midwife.

What To Do About Headaches During Pregnancy?

Always clarify the causes of your headaches first. If you are tired, exhausted or under constant stress, it is important to take time out and allow your body to rest. Daily exercise in the fresh air, combined with a walk, will not only get your circulation going but will also help you fill up on oxygen and sunshine and banish headaches. Even a short nap on the sofa sometimes already brings the hoped-for relief against the throbbing. Drinking is very important during pregnancy. You should drink at least two liters of fluid a day. Especially because your body is working at full capacity and you are sweating more than usual. Your blood volume increases and to ensure that your body, as well as your baby, are sufficiently supplied, you should resort to mineral water, herbal or fruit teas. Fruit spritzers, buttermilk, or milk can also bring refreshment and provide you with the necessary fluid. In this way, you will avoid a lack of water and thus prevent headaches due to a lack of fluids. Low blood sugar levels can also be the cause of headaches. Divide your daily meals and instead of eating a lot at once, eat less and more often. Nutritious and healthy snacks provide your body with regular sugar and also vitamins. A piece of chocolate, a granola bar and glucose for in-between meals can keep blood sugar levels going even when you’re on the go. Be sure to avoid sweeteners. Many people get headaches from them.

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Home Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy

If you have a headache, you can also try using warm or cold compresses on the painful area to relieve the discomfort. Put a cold towel on the neck, a cloth dipped in warm water on the eyes or nose. Use of medicinal herbal oil such as mint oil or tiger balm to rub on the temples can also be used. If you have tension in the neck, red light, a cherry pit pillow or a hot water bottle will help. A massage can also sometimes work wonders to relieve tension. Also, try a facial massage or head and shoulder circles to relieve tension. Also, make sure to wear a comfortable bra and that the straps of your bra are not too tight. This is because it can put pressure on the cervical spine and also trigger headaches. Some women even recommend a cold short shower for persistent headaches. This tightens slackening blood vessels and stimulates circulation. If that is too hard for you, you can also just put your arms in cold water for a few minutes. Other women drink Schuessler salts. This involves dissolving ten tablets in a glass of hot water and taking a sip every few minutes. Scientists even claim that smelling a green apple will help. The smell is said to make the headache go away. One study also says that the melody of Beethoven’s “Fidelio” is supposed to relieve headaches.
If you have a very severe headache, in addition to a flickering before the eyes, nausea, and even have to vomit, you should see your doctor. These may be signs of pregnancy toxicity (gestosis). If you have high blood pressure and protein in your urine, a headache during pregnancy may indicate preeclampsia.

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