Skin & Hair During Pregnancy

Rosy complexion or blooming acne? Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how your own skin will react to pregnancy. Hair also behaves very differently. There are still hardly any explanations for this, but there are valuable care tips.

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormone balance really turns upside down. The levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood are several hundred times higher than in a non-pregnant woman. In addition, there is relaxin, prolactin, cortisone… A whole series of endogenous hormones now flow through the body in higher concentrations. They not only create optimal conditions for the growing baby, but also have an effect on a woman’s appearance: while some gain in beauty, others do not feel at all comfortable in their skin. Impurities suddenly appear on the face, the hair hangs down powerlessly and hardly wants to be styled. Some suffer from extremely dry, flaky skin; mild neurodermatitis can even worsen. Endocrinologists (endocrinology = science of internal secretion) have not yet found out why the hormone mix has such different effects. However, there is much evidence to suggest that very individual factors control how the skin and hair of pregnant women react.

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Now you can find out what extra care is good for problem skin.

What Can A Woman Do If Her Skin Reacts Problematically During Pregnancy?

Women whose sebaceous glands now produce more sebum often get impure, oily and large-pored facial skin. In this case, special products are needed, because the previous care is no longer sufficient. A cosmetician or dermatologist should match the right cream to the skin type of the pregnant woman. An important prerequisite for clearer skin is that the woman cleans it in the morning and evening with a cleansing lotion, a facial toner or washing gel to remove washed-out toxins. Regular exfoliation prevents further impurities; care masks with healing clay draw grease and sebum out of the skin and have a disinfecting effect. Dietary supplement capsules with yeast or silica can also improve the skin’s appearance. In women whose skin suddenly becomes very dry and scaly, a general lack of fluids may be the cause. The skin often improves when the woman drinks more. In addition, the deficiency can be compensated for with special creams – for example with urea or hyaluronic acid, a substance produced naturally in the body that attracts moisture and binds it in the skin. A special moisturizing or curd mask every now and then should soon remedy the problem. If there are signs of neurodermatitis, however, women should not try too much themselves, but seek advice from a dermatologist. By the way, some women even look fresher during pregnancy because their tissue stores more fluid, appears plumper and smaller wrinkles are temporarily smoothed out again. If the face seems rather puffy due to water retention, a little brown blush on the cheekbones and on both sides of the neck can visually slim down.

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Many Expectant Mothers Get Brown Spots On Their Skin. What Is The Reason For This?

In these areas – the so-called chloasma – the skin tanning substance melanin has accumulated in the skin and clumped together. During pregnancy, the body generally reacts with stronger pigmentation to UV light. Freckles and skin moles also become more visible than usual. This is a hormonally controlled protective shield of the pregnant body against too much sunlight. In some women, the chloasma mainly appears on the face on the forehead, cheekbones, upper lip or chin. This is then referred to as a pregnancy mask, which recedes on its own after birth. In individual cases, the spots persist for one to two years. So-called whitening products (skin bleaching agents) can accelerate the process by gradually dissolving the melanin clumps. However, the gynecologist must decide on an individual basis whether the woman is allowed to use the respective product already during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To prevent the brown spots from appearing in the first place or becoming too dark, expectant mothers should protect themselves from sunlight as much as possible. Even the normal day cream has best a sun protection factor.

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What Should Pregnant Women Look Out For In Their Hair Care?

Many pregnant women report that their hair is stronger and silkier – presumably due to increased estrogen production. After giving birth and with the drop in hormone levels, women then notice severe hair loss. However, this only returns the volume to the original level. If the hair is greasier than usual during pregnancy, the woman can wash it daily with a mild shampoo, but it is better not to blow dry. The hot blow-dry air only stimulates the sebaceous glands even more. Now many also treat themselves more often to a visit to the hairdresser. After all, once the baby is born, there will hardly be any time for this in the beginning. However, chemical applications such as dyeing, bleaching or perming are not suitable: The substances can enter the body via the scalp and reach the unborn child. However, tints are not an alternative, they contain the same components. Pregnant women are better off using harmless vegetable hair dyes, but should first test the color on an inconspicuous area. The hormonal changes could alter the hair in such a way that the color appears different than usual.

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