Keep The Romance Alive After You Bring A New Baby Home From The Hospital

There is so much going on when you bring a baby home from the hospital whether it’s your first baby or third baby it’s easy to get distracted and take your partner for granted. The first two weeks of your new baby’s life will be filled with firsts and tons of hormones and late nights. So it’s important to remember to keep the romance alive after you bring a new baby home from the hospital even if it is just in a few small ways throughout each day.

Keep The Romance Alive After You Bring A New Baby Home From The Hospital - click here for the full list.

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10 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive

1. Remember he just brought a new baby home too. And he might not have quite as many responsibilities as you if your are breastfeeding – link- but he has a lot of new things on his plate too.

2. You are a team – be his cheerleader. Bringing home a new baby can be emotional. Be his cheerleader as he learns to be a dad to this baby. Even if this is his second or third (or more) baby, each one is different and has different needs.

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3. Tell him how much you appreciate him. It’s easier to forget or take advantage of an easy going relationship. Make sure he knows that you appreciate him. Don’t expect him to just “know” because of your relationship.

4. Talk to him about your feelings. Emotions and hormones run high at a time like this. Talk to him about everything you are thinking and feeling. It helps both of you to get these things out in the open.

Keep The Romance Alive After You Bring A New Baby Home From The Hospital - click here for the full list.

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5. Share new experiences. Having a new baby is full of “firsts.” Share them together and make lasting memories of this time in your lives.

6. Ask for his advice. Sometimes Dads feel left out because “mama knows best.” But Dads know a lot too and shouldn’t be ignored. Ask for his advice and make decisions as a couple instead of one or the other.

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7. Let him take a nap. Just as much as you want a nap – he wants one too. Even if mom gets less sleep than Dad, Dad is still getting less sleep than normal too. Take turns giving each other naps. Sleep is a wonderful medicine when anyone is feeling overwhelmed or grumpy.

8. Don’t undermine him in front of your families. This is a time when lots of family members gather to celebrate a new baby. Don’t undermine his authority as “father” in front of his family. Men can be very prideful and need to know they still run the house even when lots of family is there.

Keep The Romance Alive After You Bring A New Baby Home From The Hospital - click here for the full list.

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9. Kiss and hug. Stay connected physically as much as you can. It is so important to have that physical connection, as well as emotional, to stay grounded as a couple. Even though you can’t be intimate right away, kiss and hug each other often.

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10. Forgive and forget. Remember you are going to be extremely emotional. Don’t hold grudges and forgive quickly. Once the hormones wear off, you will be glad you chose to forgive and forget any small annoyances.

What’s your best advice to new moms? Let us know in the comments.

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