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The 10 Best Schalke Jerseys – Guide

The 10 Best Schalke Jerseys – Guide

Every Schalke fan needs a Schalke jersey in his closet. Whether for yourself or as a gift for your friends. Everyone is happy about a jersey of the favorite club.

Our checklist explains the differences between original and imitation as well as which material and which size is the right one for you. You can find a suitable Schalke jersey in the product recommendations.

Checklist Schalke Jerseys

Original or Imitation
  • Schalke jerseys are available as originals and imitations. The latter cost significantly less, the former bring considerably more quality.
  • Among the originals, a distinction is made between authentic and replica jerseys.
  • Authenticjerseys have exactly the same characteristics as the shirts that royal blue wears on the pitch. They feature ultra-thin and lightweight material, ergonomically tight fit and printed logos for minimum weight.
  • Replica jerseys are designed specifically for fans. Compared to Authentics, the material is firmer and the fit is looser. In addition, Replicas shine with embroidered logos, which appear as real eye-catchers.
Material and Processing
  • Original FC Schalke 04 jerseys are made of 100% high-quality, functionally processed polyester, which impresses with excellent moisture management.
  • Imitations are often also made of synthetic fiber but are not as meticulously designed for functionality during sports.
  • Do you want a particularly comfortable imitation that you can slip on in your casual free time ? Then opt for a shirt made of cotton. The natural fiber goes hand in hand with a soft feel and high skin compatibility. But: If you do intensive sports, you should not wear a cotton jersey.
  • Always make sure that imitations are processed without harmful substances.
Model and Design
  • Of course, royal blue is the dominant color of the Schalke kit – especially the home jerseys are traditionally presented in this tone. Basically, however, you have a choice of different jersey models.
  • Do you want a home jersey or an away jersey in an alternative color scheme? Do you want a field player or a goalkeeper jersey of FC Schalke? Do you prefer a current design or an older model? The options are many.
  • Schalke jerseys are available with or without player name and shirt number.
  • The size spectrum for FC Schalke adult jerseys usually ranges from XS to 2XL, sometimes up to 5XL.
  • For kids , the Knappen jerseys are commonly available in all common sizes from 116 to 176.
  • Buy the Schalke jersey for a toddler one size larger so the shirt will fit a year or two longer.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular Schalke jerseys.

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The Best Sellers Of Schalke Jerseys

We have compiled the most popular Schalke jerseys for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Schalke Jerseys

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of Schalke jerseys.

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FAQ Schalke Jerseys

Why doesn’t Schalke have stars on their jerseys?

Clubs receive stars in the Bundesliga for winning Bundesliga titles. Since Schalke hasn’t won a title since the Bundesliga changeover, they don’t have any stars on their jersey.

When will the new Schalke jersey be unveiled?

Usually the new jersey of the next season is presented at the end of the previous season.

How does the Schalke jersey fall?

Schalke kits vary depending on the size and model. You can find out the right size by trying on different Schalke jerseys. You can find a suitable selection in our product recommendations.

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