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The Best Sellers Of Goalkeeper Gloves – Guidebook

SaleComparison winner of the editors EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys Children Football Gloves with Strong Grips

The Best Sellers Of Goalkeeper Gloves – Guidebook

Do you like to play soccer and will soon be in goal? Then you should protect your hands sufficiently! Since hard shots are not to be underestimated, you should think about the purchase of high-quality goalkeeper gloves. These usually ensure that you can not hurt yourself so quickly. In addition to the choice of the right materials, the design can also play a role in the purchase decision.

To help you find goalkeeper gloves that suit you, we have prepared a checklist for you here. Based on this and our product recommendations, you can orient yourself to get a concrete idea of goalkeeper gloves.

The Best Sellers Of Goalkeeper Gloves

We have compiled the most popular goalkeeper gloves for you in this bestseller list.

Goalkeeper Gloves Checklist

Goalkeeper Gloves Checklist

Size and fit
  • Goalkeeper gloves should be neither too big nor too small and should feel natural.
  • If you touch the gloves with your fingertips, they are too small. This can cause you to have an uncomfortable feeling in your hands during the game or training, or you can’t bend your fingers enough.
  • Basically, there should be a small clearance at the fingertips so that you can bend your fingers in a relaxed manner.
  • The material for the palm (i.e. for the inside of the goalkeeper gloves) is responsible for the grip and consists of special adhesive foam. Depending on the weather conditions, there are different demands on the gloves and therefore special models for almost all conditions.
  • For example, a soft, thick adhesive foam provides a high grip and good cushioning, and thin variants are designed for a long life as well as high ball control .
  • The coating of the glove (the outside) is basically responsible for the quality and durability. It is usually made of latex or PVC. In high-quality goalkeeper gloves, air-permeable mesh fabric ensures adequate air circulation .
  • The closure often consists of Velcro bandages in combination with latex and neoprene.
Fingersave- yes or no?
  • Some gloves have a stiffening in the area of the fingers and thus ensure that your fingers can not bend.
  • Whether you need this so-called Fingersave depends on your personal preference. You may have to accept restrictions on movement , but your fingers are safe.
  • Professionals will usually need different gloves than occasional hobby players .
  • If you only play a few rounds with your boys on the weekend on the football field , generally somewhat cheaper gloves are sufficient.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular goalkeeper gloves


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Current Offers For Goalkeeper Gloves

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the goalkeeper gloves section.

SaleBestseller Nr. 2
EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys Children Football Gloves with Strong Grips
EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys Children Football Gloves with Strong Grips
AFTER SALE SERVICE: If you have any questions or issue please let us know. we'll fix it.
$14.49 −5% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 5
Predator Goalie Gloves Competition
Predator Goalie Gloves Competition
adidas unisex-adult Goalie Gloves
$95.00 −9% Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller Nr. 7
adidas Unisex-Adult X Training Goalie Gloves, Team Shock Pink/White/Black, 7
adidas Unisex-Adult X Training Goalie Gloves, Team Shock Pink/White/Black, 7
Lightweight soccer gloves for protection and grip; NEGATIVE CUT: A negative cut offers a tight and snug fit
$26.00 −14% Amazon Prime

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FAQ About Goalkeeper Gloves

What are goalkeeper gloves?

Goalkeeper gloves are not worn by the field players in soccer, but only by the goalkeeper. He has to defend a lot of balls during the game, so he should protect his hands with padded goalkeeper gloves to avoid injuries.

Goalkeeper gloves what size?

Goalkeeper gloves are available from children’s sizes. They should be comfortable to wear, so it is important that you can still bend your fingers. This is how you know that the goalkeeper gloves fit properly. When buying goalkeeper gloves, you should make sure that the fabric does not touch your fingertips. Then they are usually too small.

How much do goalkeeper gloves cost?

Goalkeeper gloves can cost up to 60 euros or more. The price usually depends on the material used and the brand chosen. However, it can always be wise to choose a high-quality glove.

What material are goalkeeper gloves made of?

You need to be able to grip the soccer ball well at all times, which is why the inside of the gloves is made of a special adhesive foam. The outside, on the other hand, is usually made of latex or PVC and ensures that the gloves last as long as possible, even in different weather conditions. Some models also have a so-called mesh fabric, through which you do not sweat so quickly. With matching Velcro closures, you can also adjust the glove exactly to your hand, so that it fits perfectly.

What do goalkeeper gloves look like?

Goalkeeper gloves are available in many different colors. Therefore, you can match the glove to your jersey, for example, if you value a combination of colors. Whether red, blue, green or white – you can choose from a wide selection

What is a Finger-Save?

Goalkeeper gloves with finger-save ensure that your fingers can not bend when defending the soccer. This can be quite important so that you can avoid more serious injuries. However, you must keep in mind that the fabric is relatively stiff and you may be a little restricted in movement. So consider before buying whether you need such a glove.

What is the best goalkeeper glove?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, safety should always be in the foreground, which is why you should look for a high-quality material when buying. You should also ask yourself how often you actually need the gloves and whether you only want to wear them indoors or outdoors on the sports field.

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